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Alex Jones Archive ( If you wanna find out how long we've actually been fucked.

Alexander Augustine (@WurzelRoot) / Twitter

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CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Is A For-Profit Corporation - TruthWiki 

Massive Research Database WHALE

Forgotten Truth & History – The Truth! (

Highly Recommended 

The Great Deception (

Khazaria?the Myth of Anti-Semitism Exposed at Last!! (

You Have Been Called Upon To Be Warriors By Those That War Upon You (

Bigger Than Big Banking, Bigger Than Big Government: Who's At The Very Top? (

God Has Assigned You A Calling And You Are Refusing It (

70 Inroads By The British Rhodes Empire: Monarchy Attempting To Reclaim America By Keynesian Cronie Capitalism – Political Vel Craft

(892) Flight Attendant sheds new light on 9/11. - YouTube

An interesting follow-up interview with Rebekha Roth is now available: //


Someone posted: Quote:


”I am a flight attendant for 30 years. Flew out of JFK the morning of 9/11 on TWA flight #3, we were scheduled to leave at 8:00am. I was the in-flight Service Manager (head stew). But when I got on the plane it wasn't the same tail number plane we were supposed to go on. It was a Boeing 767 but it was one of our older ones. I was the flight Service Manager and was told by mechanics that the plane we were supposed to take got an alert from bomb sniffing German shepards that morning and they had to switch planes, and take this older 767 out of the hangar.   The plane was stripped bare, and I advised ramp guys that I was not going to take off or board passenger's without emergency preparedness cards in seatpockets and other items that were required safety wise. If I had not taken that delay God only knows what would have happened. Also in hindsight, why would they let flights out of JFK still take off if they already knew by this time they had a definite problem, and two rogue planes off their flightplan out of Boston!!?? That flight eventually took off out of JFK 9/11/2001 at 8:42am wheels up (looked at my watch as we do), on climb out we suddenly jolted and took a nose dive then jolted again, and began ascent again. I went up to cockpit right after they turned off seat belt sign still shaken, to enquire what had happened?? They were pale and visibly still shaken as well, and said they didn't know as soon as they were making their ascent turn towards Manhattan they near missed an aircraft flying fast out of control and crazy. My airplane made frightening maneuvers to avoid FLIGHT 11. We came extremely close to a horrific mid air collision on climb out. We should have never been allowed to take off at 8:40am from JFK a/p in NYC with 3 airplanes having their transponders turned OFF!!! Flight 93 took off after 8:40! They would later say during our sequester in Ohio for 4 days that we all came very close to death that day.  More happened that day, during and after we landed that made no sense, and like the the Flight Attendant in this video said, followed no standard established safety protocols. I was so upset by the obvious set up I also stopped flying shortly afterwards, as I no longer felt protected by anyone or anything controlling things!! This is all true.


In closing I must add. As airline personnel we are required to take an emergency review class 8-5pm, once a year, required by the Federal government. At the end of this review we take mandatory emergency operations, and safety protocols, hijacking, ditching, plane configurations, operation of plane doors and all emergency equipment exams. Including a brush up in CPR certification. Now during this course they did something they have never in 30 years, ever done!! This was the last Friday in August 2001. During the hijacking part of the class, they constantly were making more of being aware of the threats of some middle eastern man named Osama Bin Laden. I was so taken back by this rather off program, and strange kind of focus they were, and kept placing on this particular middle eastern man looking at soft targets like air travel, who I had never heard of. So I asked my instructor, "why are you focusing on this one particular guy so much?? I have never seen anyone actually named like this before. Who is he exactly, and is there something specific we should know about him? " The response, "oh no just using him as a reference". Very strange, and again all trueI! I Worked for TWA until American took us over, but we were still flying under TWA plane paint white and red. I Was badly injured on the sharp descent we took flying into Dayton after being ordered to land about 10:00am or so by an F16 over our left wing. I can assure you all these incidents happened to me that fateful day. I am not saying them to agre nor disagree with the woman being interviewed. I will say that having been a flight attendant 30 years on 9/11 flying in TWA flight 3 that morning. A very informative post: Quote: ”I was a telephone operator in 2001 and I've examined the call routing log for those calls. All were processed by an operator (OSPS) but the terminal numbers have been redacted. This is a dead giveaway that diversion took place, most likely an observation bench in DC. When someone places a call from one calling area to another using the aid of an AT&T operator, regardless of how the call was billed, the document produced (a routing ticket) is printed with the terminal number of the operator that connected the call. On the logs that I've managed to see, the terminal numbers were scratched out. Those numbers can trace the call back to the exact building and seat number, and eventually back to the operator that assisted on the call. When I saw it was scratched out, that was a dead giveaway. Why would that information need to be kept secret? The average Joe can't do anything with it.”- End quote. 


A firefighter posted: Quote:


"I talked to people, who were on the ground near the WTC, who said they suddenly saw an airplane and as they followed the thing, it suddenly disappeared then reappeared and hit the building (there are some who say those were hologram projections, so I thought that testimony from competent folks was fascinating - not saying that's the case, ok. It's just interesting to me). - End quote.


You might find the three links which are attached below quite interesting:


1) The 2017 NIST whistleblower interview:


2) Israeli "art students" blew up the Twin Towers:


3) Professor Griffin's book:


image (84).png

WHO Treaty draft?? Why would the WHO put this out? Is it going to change? Is this what Biden may sign on Feb 27th?

This entire thing is based on a hoax. Page 1 false statements:



"with a view to its adoption under Article 19" - REGARDING MEMBERSHIP, PART OF ARTICLE 19 STATES "A two-thirds vote of the Health Assembly shall be required for the adoption of such conventions or agreements, which shall come into force for each Member when accepted by it in accordance with its constitutional processes." - IF THIS MEANS IN ACCORDANCE WITH EACH MEMBER'S (NATION'S) CONSTITUTIONS, OUR CONSTITUTION ALLOWS TREATIES TO OVERRIDE OUR CONSTITUTION.

This doesn't sound legit:


"Article 66 The Organization shall enjoy in the territory of each Member such legal capacity as may be necessary for the fulfilment of its objective and for the exercise of its functions.


Article 67 (a) The Organization shall enjoy in the territory of each Member such privileges and immunities as may be necessary for the fulfilment of its objective and for the exercise of its functions. (b) Representatives of Members, persons designated to serve on the Board and technical and administrative personnel of the Organization shall similarly enjoy such privileges and immunities as are necessary for the independent exercise of their functions in connection with the Organization.

Article 68 Such legal capacity, privileges and immunities shall be defined in a separate agreement to be prepared by the Organization in consultation with the Secretary-General of the United Nations and concluded between the Members." (so they can add in a lot more nefarious things in this separate contract like completely giving up sovereignty (which I believe nations are by signing), allowing foreign UN troops on member states territories, etc.


Everything in this document is a lie. I may do a separate email on this.


Start listening to the video at 13:20. He states some truth here but of course the anti-white world will attack him over his truthful sentiments. Note he used to be sympathetic with them.




If global warming was real (its a hoax), wouldn't the low tides be higher than the high tides? Shouldn't Venice and all coastal areas be under water? I think they have been predicting this for 40 years and now it's pushed back. All a lie. The opposite is happening.


Pilot had cardiac arrest while flying. So many of these stories (more than prior to two years ago).


Historian/researcher (a real one) presents info on the Lincoln execution. Lincoln was evil, so why would his co-conspirators execute him? Gaddy goes into it in part 1. Even though Lincoln was absolutely evil and was chosen to lead in the destruction of our government/nation, supported a central bank, etc, he was, for some reason, also against letting blacks stay here and have equal rights and Reconstruction (I would have thought he would have supported both). He stated he wanted the Southern states readmitted with full Constitutional rights. The conspirators couldn't have either one of those. Anyway - listen to the coincidences in this lecture. Amazing.



WEF Looking to Turn off Appliances and EV's Automatically to Save Energy

"They can "manage demand"....





100 reasons to exit the WHO.


Putin's speech from the other day. Basically, all lies just like we hear from Biden. Both governments are run by satanic jews. Everything that spews forth from any of their lying mouths is propaganda to push worldwide agenda.



Who believes Biden flew to Ukraine? Maybe he did, but what world leader flies into a supposed battle zone!? And why would a "neutral" (Biden is not actually being neutral) even bother doing that? He can just pick up the phone and call his faggot jew partner zelensky. They are all working together creating a retarded narrative for WW3.


Satanic faggot Sam Smith properly insulted in Ireland. Good for them!


Birth rates plunge due to covid vaccines? (covid is fake so there are no "vaccines", just a toxic weapon people stabbed themselves with)

"In many countries, births drop sharply nine months after peak COVID vaccine uptake. Let’s look at how this happens. And will these populations recover?"


Eat ze bugz! In Australia


Not allowed to defend yourself.


Excerpt from an interview with Hans Bernau, German Cross in Gold holder and Battalion Commander of the 5. SS-Panzer Division 'Wiking', Bad Woerishofen, 1989: "Yes, I will tell you my thoughts on this. When people are put into traumatic scenarios where they could be killed, they are grateful to those who save them. The Allies pretended they saved us from evil and have spent the last forty years convincing us of that view. Many people accept it as it is the easy way out. You see, from 1933 until 1939 Germany went through a magnificent transformation. The government the Führer put together, worked for Germany. Our lives changed, but on a spiritual level. You had to live in the time to understand it; people had real purpose and a duty that was clear and wholesome. Yet, there were a tiny few who still did not want to go along with this idea. Mind you they were very few and very quiet. Most all liked what was happening because it gave them safety and prosperity. Those who opposed National Socialism were fanatical Marxists, capitalists, and monarchists. They did not care about or understand the Jewish problem; they cared only for their wealth, and ideology. That state police dealt with these types and when tried they were either heavily fined or sent to prison. I want to stress to you these were rare and only a tiny portion of our people. So, this was before the war, and then came the war. 1918 left a terrible fear in our leaders and due to this they imposed many restrictions at various times. For the first three years of war, you would question if as war was really being fought. Life at home and in the occupied areas was as peacetime, save for flak drills and minor attacks. When the Allies sent in spies and agitators to work within the small circle of the anti-National Socialists, things began to change. It is known now these spies worked with the aristocrats and Marxists to target our cities and industry. When caught, they faced execution after trial, this was done to punish and deter. Due to the danger of an internal revolt and spies, tighter controls were placed on the populations, some quite inconvenient, causing frustration. This was not how the National Socialist state was supposed to work; it was not a warlike ideology. The food shortages hit the people hard in the big cities, and fuel was very hard to get, many people had to convert to wood fired cars that killed many people, due to poisoning. The failure to stop the bombings, as well as Allied propaganda leaflets that were constantly dropped and broadcast, help influence people. Yes, you could listen to Allied propaganda shows, but it was frowned upon. Many did so for the entertainment value and paid scant attention to the war news. The German people were tired, scared, and hungry by 1945; they had given all that they could. They remained true to the Führer, even though some questioned why he did not end the war. The intelligent knew what unconditional surrender meant, it was not that simple for Germany to quit. When the Allies came and war ended, they embarked on a terror campaign that was unparalleled in modern history. They made the entire state and its supporters guilty of crimes and exacted punishment. They convinced the survivors that all they lived through was but a bad episode of our history, and through their mercy, life will get better. A syndrome came over the German people, where they started to agree and work with their tormentors. Many turned on National Socialist members, sometimes National Socialiststhemselves turned on each other just to survive. The SS was targeted by the Soviets, where many SS men, especially foreign volunteers were executed outright. The west treated us better. Over the years, as life returned to normal for us, many just agreed to forget what we lived through. It is better on your mind to live happily and not in anger; many of us have done this. We hate what happened, and what the enemy did to us, but what can we do now? There are those who for self-promotion, or for a few minutes of fame, have come forward to tell about how bad life was in the Reich. They tell of great persecution, fear, and disgust. I believe they are lying. Jews and Marxists, it is true, have led the charge with these early claims of arrest and persecution. Indeed, they were rounded up and put away, in the case of the Jews of Europe they were seen as enemies, working within to destroy. Many were forced to sell their assets and were sent east to be resettled, where they could not have any influence on us. It is true the SS helped take part in this, and the Waffen-SS has had to reject this action as immoral. Even today, if we want to publish a book or memoir, we must bow to the state and show some remorse for the state's actions. I say what happened to the Jews happens in wartime, I believe most nations removed people they thought could make trouble. I feel bad that women and children became involved, and many did die, I believe due to the Allied bombings of camps and rails, but this was at war's end. The National Socialists had lost most control by April of 1945 and that is when many prisoners, who were moved west to protect them from the Soviets, became sick. Anne Frank is a good example of this, but she was one of many. Today her family is millionaires based on a faked diary that her father, who was wanted in Germany for finance crimes, wrote. As you understand, I have no remorse for anything; we were soldiers and served our nation with honor. The war has birthed many false stories, which we are unable to truly defend against."



"Illuminati" card game






WHO usurps authority over the US (probably has already been done in other ways in the past).


"Biden Admin Negotiates Deal to Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies. New international health accord avoids necessary Senate approval"




Different search engines to use?

Click Link






A Jew, every single time. Jews revile Whites. White means Germanic.



Pre- 9/11 AA hijack exercise




Sandy Hook was a HOAX. Nobody died.


Here is an article where they interviewed the principal Dawn Hochsprung about the "shooting". Unfortunately, she was listed as being shot and killed!!!!!

Here's the article describing confirming the December 13 cache date for Newtown Bee article, confirmed by Microsoft:



Original page of Newtown Bee article with fake Hochsprung interview:

Address you get when you type the address above into Wayback Machine:




The Great Reset - a blueprint for a better world after COVID | World Economic Forum (


At Davos, Trump says he would 'love' impeachment witnesses - Los Angeles Times (


The psychopaths have turned up the volume on the false notion of "depression" in order to trap more people in their pharmaceutical, money-making drug schemes.





An Israeli hacking team has been connected to election meddling in over 33 countries according to a Guardian investigation.


"Team Jorge", led by former Israeli special ops officer Tal Hanan, has claimed covert involvement in election meddling campaigns from the UK to Kenya.


Disinformation campaigns were carried out through the Israeli intelligence company Demoman International, which is registered on a website run by the Israeli Ministry of Defense to promote defense exports.


Many political observers are questioning which elections were subject to Team Jorge's meddling, with two-thirds of the operations believed to be in Africa.






Explosion and fire at a chemical factory in Houjie City, Dongguan Prefecture, China

Imagine all the rain that’s going to pour everywhere with all these chemical factories exploding around the world.

They are starting the narrative. Going to save us from the fake bird flu now!!! It never ends.....








175-year-old church burns down in England. Host does not "look" Christian.....







Crazy incident from years ago in Lithuania involving, pedos, murders, etc. in government and a ton of twists and turns. The wiki article gives probably an incorrect overview but research it and see how evil governments (and people) are.


It's not the producers that are causing prices to increase. They are struggling and this is a good example. It's the middlemen and retailers.




Page 1, bottom right - what producers are selling eggs for. As prices are increasing you can see they are getting paid less in Feb. So, who is the problem?







Lots of videos on the occult and other things. (See below if you can't download)




bird flu - listen to Tedros


Why are Jews involved everywhere?


A random informative comment on the page:


"Dancing Israelis, Urban Moving Systems, and Sears Tower footage incident (which many people never heard about):


Moshe Elmakias, Ron Katar, and Ayelet Reisler were just three Israelis out of over 60 who were detained by authorities after 9/11. The trio had a tractor-trailer with Florida tags and a sign on the side which read "Moving Systems Incorporated." They were illegally dumping in PA when a business owner called the cops on them. Moshe and Ayelat were at a Porsche dealership across the street and started walking in the opposite direction of the rig when Katar pointed him out to police as the truck driver. Authorities had found detailed video footage of the Sears Tower in Chicago among their belongings. They said they were from New York and returning there after picking up some furniture. Ayelat had a German passport in one name, yet prescribed medications in another name. The trucks logs were falsified as well. FBI eventually swooped in and took over the investigation. Out of the loop local authorities doing honest sleuthing didn't know about certain privileges and apparently had to be brought up to speed by the feds (who incidentally receive security training and briefings from the ADL of all places)."


* The ADL is a direct arm of the psychopathic control system designed to stifle all opposition to the one world order.


ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE FACT-FINDING DIVISION. Officials: IRWIN SUALL, also known as John Graham. Purpose: A joint FBI-British Intelligence operation designed to single-out "right-wing" groups, leaders, and individuals and put them out of business and/or prevent them from gaining consensus, before they grow too large and too influential.




Epstein court docs.



Supposedly Epstein's black book. Evil Kissinger and others are listed in it. Epstein Island was only one of such operations serving the depraved and perverse proclivities of the world power structure, 'the elites", "Globalists (cult)", government and world leaders.



World Summit information.


Check out their plans for homo-augmentus 1.0 to 2.0.






Everything in the world is the fake flu (it doesn't exist).....

In 2023, America is openly worshipping Satan.


"Have no fellowship with the fruitless deeds of darkness but rather expose them".


Tucker Carlson: Climate Is Now Our State Religion - Truth Press

Engineering Winter: The Untold Story Of Hurricane Nicole » Engineering Winter: The Untold Story Of Hurricane Nicole | Geoengineering Watch

At Super Bowl Halftime Show, Rihanna Keeps The Satanic Spirit Of Last Week’s Grammys Alive And Kicking In Demonic Aerial Display With Fallen Angels | Global Unrest | Before It's News (


Whistleblower: How Transgender Industry Convinces Parents To Mutilate Their Kids (


"The Sabbatian\Khazarian\Zionists would like you to think they are somehow "Jewish". They are not!!! In fact, they hate Abrahamic Jews with the same passion they hate Russians, Americans, and Western Europeans. . . their plans and methods never seem to change much! Replace the indigenous population of North America by killing off the beaver, and the buffalo, with western Europeans, now kill off and replace them with Asians, and middle easterners. Kill off the central Americans with disease, and continual wars, control the replacement populations with drugs, and deviant lifestyles. These bastards have been at this since biblical times, but they never seem to get any better at it. They come, make a huge mess, then end up getting their @sses kicked, but not before they end up doing a lot of harm.


I'm of the belief this is their last big hurrah, and after it fails miserably, they'll never have the level of control they now enjoy again.


I learned much of the older history from an Orthodox named Hugh Chamnis. He knew their history inside, and out. Had spent an entire lifetime researching this subject. Could trace their ties to the Knights Templar, the Jesuits, the Wahabi sect of Islam (Isis, Hes Bala, the Taliban, the pre-Saudi Bedouins, all connected). Lenin, Marx, Engels, Mao, Pol-Pot, Alistar Crowly, Sir Francis Bacon (the father of "modern scientific theory"), in America the Weather Underground, Lebanese Liberation Army, and more recently BLM & Antifa.


Unfortunately, Chamnis was sought out and killed about 10 years ago, and soon after most of his work was erased, destroyed, or altered into meaningless gibberish soon after, but some can still be found on obscure sites on the internet. Problem is one can't be sure it hasn't been tampered with."















Secret Masonic Victory of WW2 by Dennis Wise


This guy has logged tons of "sudden deaths" including the inordinate amount of famous people, athletes, as well as us normal people.


The next fake pandemic - bird flu - - this is possibly what they are distracting everyone from as they are setting up the narrative/framework to roll this out.


Anyone who lost someone over the last three years should be angry like this lady because there's a good chance the person was murdered.


Let's keep letting these third world beasts into our white nations so they can keep raping and killing everyone.....


Wonder if this guy kept his job for calling out the poison jab?


This woman breaks down how the digital ID, etc. will work. We are screwed if they get this in place.


“I will merely repeat that we are at present working, discreetly but with all our might, to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of our world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands…” ​

“The Trend of International Affairs Since the War,” International Affairs, November 1931, p. 809 (Arnold Toynbee)


No "flu" in 2020-2021 per WHO...... Cause they renamed it.


NSA responsible for crypto which they may incorporate into the digital/biometric ID.

Someone wrote in response to this:

"It’s (crypto) a Trojan Horse to usher in the elite’s Wet Dream of a cashless society. This will likely take the form of CBDC’s and a Social Credit score, which will track all of your financial (and social media) activity and punish or reward you based on your behavior and how it compares to the agenda they want us to collectively align with. If you don’t fall in line it will be a lot worse than getting put in Facebook jail; it will instead impact your ability to purchase goods and services, and likely your ability to travel, etc.

Cypherpunks may have been somewhat involved too. Perhaps some sold out and were hired by these Government agents."

Someone else wrote:

"I have a email from 2009 from those school career fairs regarding a job internship for a project involving "c++, cryptography or similar knowledge to cryptocurrencies".

The job was for McLean, Virginia.

Lookup who is located in McLean, VA"



Thousands of 9/11 videos.








“I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my life and there’s no problem with that.” - Naftali Bennett


Over the weekend, former Israeli PM Naftali Bennett admitted that he ordered a change in Israel's open-fire policy, which increased the number of Palestinian deaths across the occupied territories during his tenure.




The Communist Party and the Negro


Download PDF • 4.98MB

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