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Communism and The Worker Race

"Let us embark on a journey. Destination unknown. Love is duty. Seeds ungrown."


The genetic 'sociopaths' = psychopaths have targeted by all means and mechanisms peoples of the genetic capacity for high social and civilizational aptitude mainly through the destructive force of communism and through a damaged chromosome worker race/slave race, targeted inbreeding coupled with the wholesale slaughter of hundreds of millions has wiped out whole racial lines for that very reason. They war upon "humanity" at a fever pace to reimagine our world, transforming every aspect of our existence.


The physical world, our physical bodies, but most of all our spiritual being.


Terraforming/geoengineering, (think chemtrails and climate change) where aluminum (hormone agitator) and other dangerous compounds are pumped into the atmosphere the sole desired result being the extermination of tree life. They call it "Climate Change" and blame the masses then offer remedies for the artificially created atmospheric damage for which They are culprit, which remedies speed the damage to our atmosphere and the desired result. No vegetation.


The extermination of large fauna and apex predators (think Whales, Elephants, Rhinoceros, Bengal Tigers - and H. Sapien).


More specifically, the bioengineering of human populations with toxins in foods, the environment, all manner of venomous products, and of course with medicine (pharmakeia). The "Covid Pandemic" macrosocial program was the largest modern psycho drama inflicted on the unsuspecting masses after generations of cultural and social degeneration and depravity conditioning where maladaptive and self-injuring behaviorism have been promoted as the norm. Social engineering for psychopathy. Bioengineering for psychopathy.


Voyeurism and moral corruption in the form of t.v., news, movies, sports, pornography. All manner of corrupting content strewn throughout the psychopath's dream society designed to lower the "vibration" of biologically high consciousness individuals.

Gang stalking and targeting individuals is a standard operating procedure utilized frequently and observed at all levels of the system. All of the systems of society are utilized both covertly and overtly to pursue the subject target to ruination in order to neutralize the perceived threat. That includes targeting individuals for the dissemination of information by whatever means, the occulting of which information is paramount in the functioning of the society, its true nature being obscured, and/or to the stage of the transformation [of society] at a given juncture. 

Targeted Individuals and Groups are utilized for a host of purposes related to the various aspects of the system of control, which is rulership by deception. Every aspect used against another to enable purposes and results. The system is sentient in that way. The people of the world are being targeted by an extremely malevolent force that administrates every level of human society.

What we are observing is occurring across the world at some level. Either in the beginning stages as we witness occurring in Africa or in the late stages as we witness in Western Civilization.


Peoples possessing pure, uncorrupted genetic heritage are targeted by what now can be called the Globalist Elite or the Globalist Cult, these psychopaths, for extermination. To state this flatly, whole racial/ethnic peoples are and have been deliberately targeted for extermination, and this has been occurring for quite some time under the leadership of communist psychopaths. It is your genes that they desire to extinguish. Not just wholesale slaughter but by interbreeding with what we term "the worker race". This has been occurring the world over for at least multiple generations to "indigenous" (genetically pure) populations.


The source of what I have described above is by and large conducted by those of the Asian and Asiatic persuasions. Japanese killing off the Whales. Chinese poaching for ivory forcing Elephants and Rhinoceros to extinction. Corporate manufacturing by and large now conducted predominantly by China. Africa being colonized by the Chinese. Bengal Tiger being made extinct. Chinese unduly influencing Western politicians, entertainers, corporations, and social media. Milan fashion industry is not Italian but Chinese produced. China purchasing lands in mass in Western nations. China purchasing national power companies in African nation(s). The list goes on.


Here's a wrench to throw in,


All flues generate out of Asia. The racial Han group possesses a protein that makes them susceptible to a most adverse effect from "flues". The sole data that we possess to effectively reveal the actual extent of fatalities due to "Covid" is cell phone drop off. Millions of users disappeared. Cell phones/accounts simply stopped being used by millions of Chinese citizens.


China's 40 million deaths cover-up exposed amid coronavirus controversy | World | News |

China's virus death toll could actually be 17,000% higher than admitted in Covid cover up, claims analyst | The US Sun (



Hypothetical question:


Why would psychopaths even if They were being led by any other influence, work feverishly to destroy a planet and its inhabitants when They themselves have no refuge elsewhere? Or do They? D.U.M.B.S.

Mirror Neurons – Introduction to Sensation and Perception (

Fermi paradox - Wikipedia

Spherical trigonometry - Wikipedia

Homo sapiens | Meaning, Characteristics, & Evolution | Britannica

Watch Mirage Men | Prime Video (

Political ponerology - Wikipedia

Watch Mirage Men | Prime Video (



Research Project


Façade Fixation,” being enamored with the narrowest view possible.


"From the uncomfortable perspective of being immersed in the Matrix, it is clear that this fixation has been programed over a very, very, long period of time by something that has an encyclopedic understanding of the frailties of the human mind. Thought patterns have been deconstructed into fragments and rearranged into dysfunction.


Circumcision may provide a model. It impairs a chemical connection between a man and a woman and changes his neurological construct, his neurological perception of the woman, a positive neurological happening (from Cliff High research). If this is accurate, then an enormous period of observation was needed to understand the effects of circumcision.


The three resources below make it clear that there are NO extraterrestrials.


Fermi paradox –

Mirage Men -

William Cooper-


"Although human evolution can be said to involve all those species of hominin more closely related to H. sapiens than to the apes, the adjective human is usually applied only to H. sapiens and other members of the genus Homo (e.g., H. erectus, H. habilis).


Behaviorally, only H. sapiens can be said to be “fully human,” but even the definition of H. sapiens is a matter of active debate."


Human evolution, it appears, has consistently been a process of trial and error. Historically, this process has been considered a more or less direct series of assumed improvements within a single lineage that eventually culminated in the burnished “perfection” of H. sapiens. As flattering to the modern human ego as this picture may be, it is evidently quite wrong.


Instead, human evolution has been throughout its long history a matter of experimentation, with new species being constantly spawned and thrown into the ecological arena to compete and, more often than not, become extinct. Viewed this way, H. sapiens is simply the last surviving twig on a vast and intricately branching bush, rather than the sole occupant of a summit that has been laboriously climbed and, by extension, somehow earned."

Political Ponerology: The Science of Evil, Psychopathy, and the Origins of Totalitarianism: Lobaczewski, Andrew M., Rectenwald, Michael: 9781734907452: Books

Watch Mirage Men | Prime Video (


It is certain that we are ruled by what Lobaczewski (Political Ponerology) has called “Para Homo sapiens,” psychopaths devoid of conscience, compassion and ethics, and below them are men trained in psychopathic behavior by secret societies, the military, religions, and corporations. Below this are professional, soul-crushed “Disciplined Minds".


We are controlled by a powerful intelligence that is not "human", (behaviorally only H. Sapien can be said to be "fully human"). This species of chromosomally deficient and/or "damaged" genetic lines possesses a "deficit of higher feelings", deformation and impoverishment of psychological, moral, and social concepts.  These psychopathic individuals learn to recognize each other in a crowd as early as childhood. They are never able to incorporate a worldview of a normal, non-chromosomally damaged individual.




They understand the way of our minds and emotions and have bamboozled us.


Their motive is simple: They overtly dominated the world and the herd (us) during the Ice Age, and they want to overtly dominate everything again. The entire UFO-ET genre has been created to confuse and misdirect us to non-threatening entities and ignore the incredible danger all around us.

The Surprising Frequency of Interspecies Mating - JSTOR Daily

The coyote story intrigues me. The coyote will find a friendly dog and begin to play with it, running around in a friendly happy manner. Then, when the joyful dog has run into the bushes with his new friend, the coyote pack will jump out and eat him. There is also a spider species that has the same coloration and odor as an ant species; too late does the ant learn. And of course, there is the Judas Goat.


This, and interspecies mating, exposes the truth that Nature lacks certain prudish and inhibiting qualities, perhaps all prudish and inhibiting qualities. The Super Zoo, is for earth a sublime example of Nature where the dominant species has pulled out the stops in controlling his chattel, filling their (our) minds with a seemingly infinite series of appealing, intricate, and frequently frightening, false hoods.


Recognizing and disarming these falsehoods is the task of Harsh Philosophy.

Falsehoods, which involve physics, medicine, law, history, biology, etc. We are in a matrix of lies and no logical analyses are permitted, because then we would have a benchmark, a reference, to examine the lies against. This all adds up to a total bamboozlement of the human mind. The hard work of thinking is simply not permitted. To reach this state required many years of dumbing down, bamboozling “smart men” to become expert in bamboozling others (Judaism, Catholicism, 6 Other Religions, Free Masonry, Skull and Bones, Knights of Malta, High Ranking Military Men, Banksters, Corporate Heads, Educators, etc.)


And now, in the last few decades, electronic brain hacking has been added, with the elite listed above probably the most hacked, but all of us are being influenced to some degree.


We are managed by conspiracy.

The Boer War conducted by Her Majesty’s Army at very great expense, was a war of genocide against the Farmers (Boers), particularly the Boer women and children. There are many unexplored ruins of the ancient civilization in the Transvaal and Orange Free State. This war of extermination was carried out to prevent the Boers from eventually finding incredible archeological discoveries that would have, and will in the future, disclose the history of Homo sapiens and our masters.

Understanding Macrosocial Driven Genetic Evil

Lack of guilt over anti-social acts and can commit the most appalling acts yet view them without remorse. They become "experts in our weaknesses". Unable to love but utilize masks of "normality". They hystericize society. They see us as a different species because we are by definition. 



These genetic 'sociopaths'/psychopaths have targeted through communism and their worker race/slave race through all means, including targeted inbreeding, the slaughter of hundreds of millions of 'indigenous' peoples [meaning peoples of high civilizational aptitude] for that very reason. Even if the targeted population is not highly developed at the time, that population still possesses the potential for high civilization. 


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