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Exploring the Globalist Cult that controls the modern world and has entranced Western Civilization to suicide through deceptive mantras of democracy and liberalism.

Investigative Research examining the Globalist Cult/Syndicate that controls the entire modern world system, how it operates, and functions through our own enabling of it, focusing on ground level anarcho-communism/Leftism (think Bolshevism), its roots and rise up through Liberal politics, the death of true Conservativism, the reshaping of the American socio-cultural landscape (the culture wars), cancel culture, the role of corporations in governance and social conditioning, NGO's, independent financiers, lobbyists, Ritual Occultism, Occult Symbolism, Meta Ritualism, Child Trafficking and ritual torture, sex and drug trafficking industry, the (unelected) so-called "Deep State", the destructive Talmudic influences behind all of the aforementioned and their pact with the People's Republic of China. In short, the Globalist Cult/Syndicate and the multitude of institutions stifling humanity and how they all tie together in the takeover of Western Civilization and the world. 

This website covers subjects that may make people uneasy at first glance. However, the content is sourced and taken from the proverbial 'horse's mouth'. Whether people want to know the ugly truth or not, it affects our lives. We have been set on a course and the timeline is moving faster than people have been able to keep up with thus far. 

There WILL be a race war, but it will be Humanity vs. the Ruling Psychopaths.


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In an environment hostile to dissent where merely disagreeing evokes violence and draconian censorship, self-professed anarcho-communists and "Marxists" are burning down our cities and warring to reshape our culture. Leftist ground troops like Antifa and Black Lives Matter ("Black Antifa") have made communion with the mainstream media, Democrat politicians, corporations and every institution of society - as above, so below - to create the 'negrophilia' cult being used to brow beat Whites. As we move forward, we have seen that the "Left" hides their true intentions less and less as they incrementally gain power via manufactured and actual consensus. The world is a stage directed by a Satanic Messianic Cult known as Chabad Lubavitch.​

"Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times."











"Evil people and ideas will be exposed and destroyed; I see it starting to take shape now. The Jewish controlled press is promoting every sick idea, which is a good thing. We must be able to see who our enemies are; they are now coming out from behind closed doors. We will see in the future the clear line between who is good and who is not. Who works for the natural health of his people, and who seeks to destroy the natural order. These lines will sometimes blur, as the church will become more and more corrupt, but GOD's LAWS ARE ON OUR HEARTS, and will never be removed from everyone. His people will again someday come to see who they are. The church praises those very people seeking to destroy the very rock on which the church was built, this is foretold in the Bible, we took a new name, Christians, and Jews use [hijacked] our old. Someday the truth will be known for all to see, and there will be terrible accounting for those who did this to us."


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China Has Been Waging a Decades-Long, All-Out Spy War on the United States (

"Democracy is always and above all,

nothing but the veil of the Jewish Dictatorship"

The Talmudic Ritual Killing of Czar Nicholas and the Jewish Kapparah (































































The Talmudic Ritual Killing of Czar Nicholas and the Jewish Kapparah (










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Introduction to the Culture Wars

The Left has been campaigning as they themselves have asserted for many years to "End Whiteness". Yes, that means White (European descent) people specifically but it also means any individual or group that doesn't fall in line with the Left's brand of madness. This's key. It's all fun and games until people realize, we're all "White" who want to live free [from their intrusions]. That's a concept designed to escape the masses in this country.

If you did not understand Charlottesville back in 2017, things must be coming into perspective for you now regarding the true nature of the Charlottesville event. It was and has always been a war against communism, Globalism, Leftism, self-fashioned anarcho-communists, and "Marxists" (like Antifa, BLM, SJW's), Leftist pedophilia culture and sexual deviancy, and the campaign to "End Whiteness" and destroy Western Civilization.


But you have to understand what this actually means ["End Whiteness"]. It ultimately means complete subjugation of the masses ruled by an occult driven elite. A multi-generational power cult. Hi-Tech wizards reaching out to control you via all modes and methods of media (think your t.v., radio, social media, apps, video games, and movies). "They" control ALL information and all methods of communication. "They" are masters of industry. Corporate heads. Leaders of countries. The leaders of the major institutions of the world able to concoct and devise mass manipulation exercises the most recent being the covid Pandemic to put things into perspective.


Whether you like it or not, "Individual Rights" is the cornerstone of the "Whiteness" this element is warring to destroy because it is the diametric opposite of their vision. Individualism is genetically programmed into European descent individuals. I mean to say that people of European descent are individualistic by nature as opposed to the other races. Think genetic memory.


While the American cultural and political landscape has changed abruptly and suddenly for so many, these Leftist elements have been around for ages. None of this is new. It's just new to you.

Nonetheless, Charlottesville was a turning point in the Culture Wars and not only elevated this existential battle but revealed the America-hating apparatus at work. In a nutshell, Charlottesville was the first stand for all manner of freedom loving, "right" leaning individuals. The event was called Unite The Right after all.


Right leaning refers to those who ideologically fall to the right of Marxism, Leftism, Bolshevism/Communism.


Charlottesville was the last stand for true men of conviction. It was the largest showing up to that point of "Right" leaning warriors taking to battle against the scourge of Leftist ideology. Make no mistake, you must be a warrior because as those men with Tiki torches were shining a light on all those years ago, "Leftists" and the system do indeed want to replace you and thereby destroy Western Civilization. They want to eradicate White people. You must come to terms with this fact. There will be no Western Civilization as you know it without White people. That is a simple fact. Face it.


All those years ago such a thing was unfathomable to the American public at large and Americans were easily manipulated by the mainstream media who never let an opportunity to deceive the public pass them up. Now the Left doesn't have to hide their intentions and they openly war on "White" (European descent) people as well as any individual that speaks out against Leftist dogma. All the sudden you're White too. Anti-White hate (and Anti-Semitism for that matter) is the new State dogma setting the stage for State sanctioned neutralizing of dissenters.


It is highly concerning that the beloved of so many hopeful individuals, Donald Trump, signed an Anti-Semitism Bill just before leaving office. 8-D chess? lol This parting gift of DJT was a solid kick in the family jewels of the American people fighting a hostile and foreign take over. He was the one that said know and name your enemy. When you take a step back and look at the big picture, you have ask yourself why would this high IQ champion of the people do such a thing that so aptly plays into the hands of those enemies? It is because he is what we call a CUCK. This Anti-Semitism rollout is not meant to aid or defend regular people. It will be used to cull the "White" population and thereby every one of us. Surprise, even Jews. Don't say I didn't tell you.


While current events represent a wake up call for many, for others it still requires coming up to speed since they are clinging to a past long gone. They no longer live in reality.


The Left states foregone conclusions as if they're facts to build a general consensus about what they're making every effort to bring about. The Biden video where he chats with "Black" leaders about White people in the U.S. becoming a minority even providing an effective date of 2040 for this calamity is a prime example of this standard operating procedure (S.O.P.). In that video, Biden also telegraphed who the next group to be targeted will be. Hispanics and Latinos. Another group of European derivative by and large. Pay attention Hispanics and Latinos. You're next. They'll deal with White Asians the same as White Europeans clumping them with us. Welcome guys. 

Another reason the Left is working on Anti-Asian Hate Crime Baalshit is to pull that demographic close and against White people because the opposition to the Left wants every Asian person to be a Roof Top Asian. That level of personal agency and individual authority is a major threat to the Left. 

Remember, what we are witnessing is a long thought out and planned Globalist agenda. A plot. If you do not know what Agenda 21 or 2030 is you have to get work. Here's the low down in video links. UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN's Agenda For World Domination, Part 1 ( and UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN's Agenda for World Domination, Part II - "The Reality" ( However, if you do not take the time to watch/listen to the video that you can listen to while doing other things, I doubt you're gonna read the voluminous documents these insidious institutions (United Nations specifically) have issued.

Agenda 21 was put out by the United Nation in 2012. How interesting. The world was supposed to experience an apocalypse if you recall. One of many haha. But we did experience an apocalypse, the wheels were set in motion. Don't look up the word apocalypse.  The U.N. has somewhat recently removed the voluminous Agenda 21 document from their website by the way but they're implementing it nonetheless having removed the document itself. Covid is/was part of Agenda 21.


Let's talk about consent for a moment. These psychopaths work by rules. The cornerstone Rule is that they have to tell you what they are doing. But they are cunning in their extraction of consent. They rely on what in the legal field we refer to as 'implied consent'. Pretty much implied consent means 'you should have known'. But you don't even know what to look for. It's all around you and you've never so much as noticed it. How then can you consent? It's the same concept as a 'shrink wrap agreement' which is unfair again because it relies on what you 'should have known'. It is illogical and unreasonable. Textbook Baalshit.


So, for instance, I buy a product and by removing the plastic wrap encasing the product I have now entered into a binding legal agreement with the corporation (entity) that sold it to me. Bullshit I did. Rosetta Stone does this. By removing the shrink wrap to open the box of the product you have in that instant unwittingly entered into a binding legal agreement with the Rosetta Stone Corporation that restricts you from reselling the product. It doesn't just restrict you from selling it and making a profit. You cannot give it away either. What kind of Baalshit is this? You are held legally liable if you resell the product or even give it to another individual under threat of litigation. Basically, Rosetta Stone will sue you for breach of contract. Our legal system is a joke. It is Baalshit. M'kay?


If you've ever heard of the reasonable man standard. This is a backbone of law and the standard used most often by these occultists as well. "Reasonable" is a joke especially in 2021 because the world has gone crazy and reality is being purposefully distorted. Besides, as far as standards go they are continually moving the goalpost.


Remember, the rulers of this world are multigenerational occultists. When I say above that Covid was a part of Agenda 21, I mean that what we saw this year was essentially ramming Agenda 21 through. There were 3 components to the ritual exercise in 2020, 1) Covid "Fear Pandemic", 2) Racial Unrest/Rioting, and 3) The Take Over. What you may know as the Election theft. Each leg of the ritual came at key times of the year in line with occult "holidays" and/or significant astronomical events like solstices, equinoxes when these important calendar events occur. Check it out. Covid is the maiden. Racial Unrest was the mother. The Take Over/Election farce was the crone. We're dealing with things everyday people do not understand. When you plan a mass ritual of this magnitude much like any other such craft, it gains steam as it progresses. By the time it flourishes to the "Crone" stage, it's unstoppable. There's nothing you could have done. They controlled too much of the energy at that point. Energy being people. 


Everything we've seen in 2020 was taken right out of that Agenda 21 document. Now we're into the next leg of the scheme 2030. Remember, these are some wicked individuals, queer satanic commies hell bent on their androgynous vision of the future. The Age of Androgyny. Think Baphomet.

When I say queer faggots I am specifically referring to Marxists and their Baalshit. Not gay people in general. 


However, it is important to note that the civil rights movement was a complete farce, if you haven't sensed that already. All civil rights is Baalshit. All of it is farcical. The only 'rights' that matter are those things that you are willing to fight and die for. Nothing else. They laugh at you as you cry out for your rights. "They" know that most people are soft and fall for that dumbshit. Muh rights. Muh constitution. Again, your rights only extend to what you are willing to put yourself on the line for and that piece of paper doesn't mean shit. They're gambling that you are not smart enough to overcome the final strike, the Anti-Semitism Bill.

Update on Rights, 2/18/2022

I just want to be clear. No one can "give" you rights. Your "Rights" are God-given. All anyone can do is deny you your natural rights. When you are approached with Leftist bullshit/baalshit, shut them down. They are charlatans and/or retarded. They lack wherewithal and an understanding of the world, they are the blind leading the bllind most likely if not being deliberately subversive. 


As an aside, I grew up in a City that was only known for being No. 1 for murder. You hear people say "might makes right". That's not a lie. It's nature. Suburbs are not serious places. Not the reality of life, but an anomaly.


I grew up in harsh reality where you have to have your wits about you at all times and everybody knows how to fight, especially every man. A man must be able to handle himself. Now, whether he decides to fight or not, he must be able. You have to know how to fight because you are going to have to fight. That time is here now.


We saw all these White people getting pushed around by BLM cult members. It was pathetic and utterly saddening. Now they're attacking Asians and trying to blame it on White people and perform mental gymnastics to get stupid people to 'believe' it's White supremacy. They have these young black thugs up in arms hating white people and hating asian people and thinking they can just fuck with White and Asian people. No es bueno guys. Wokeness is sociopathy.


Develop situational awareness. Start doing your proverbial push-ups. Learn some combatives. You are not gonna be left alone. Don't be a victim just because they want you to be victimized. You have to develop the attitude that if you fuck with me you're gonna get fucked up. You're an American and guess what? We're fighters. Always stand tall and strong but always be smart. That trumps everything else.  Start walking around like you own the place, because you do. This's OUR country. They have forfeited their rights to call themselves Americans by working to destroy her. 


Also, where I grew up a person's word is all they have. Your word is your bond. If I say something, you can take it to the bank (not a Central Bank though. Those guys are assholes and the root of our problems. Get rid of them and usury and you'll have none of these problems). If I've chosen to speak up or defend someone or something, I am literally willing to fight for it and I know what I can do. Fighting is a naturally viable option. I wish they'd bring back dueling or at least 'fair ones'.

I would love to imbue onto you all an indomitable spirit because it's not gonna be Spring time flowers much longer my people. 

The Left has begun their campaign to purge the country of its "Whiteness". By "Whiteness" they mean everything in opposition to their stated mission. There's a long list, private property, individualism, ideas of meritocracy, the traditional family unit, values, religion, objective morality, etc. In a nutshell, your American way of life . . . and you yourself Western man. All the sudden everybody's White. Keep trying to tell you guys, they're slick. Wise up. "Anti-Whiteness" doesn't mean somebody else. Nobody is gonna be safe. History has taught us the error of that mentality and the Leftists continue to move the goalpost and exploit our misconceptions. 

Additionally, the polarities Black/White are set for occult purposes. As above, so below. Not what people believe. I would get that word out of my vernacular in any event. "Believe". Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. Perceive with your mind. Question everything. The fact that we identify as Black or White is troubling. I only use these terms because we are operating in fields not designed by us. We don't make the rules. But I'm not White. I'm not a color. A hue. I am a European descent individual with the line of my ancestors pulsing through my very being and a genetic wisdom culminating throughout the ages to bring me to where I stand today in a state of ready. Are you ready?

The fact of the matter when we discuss politics is that the days of the Democrats being what we refer to as "Kennedy Democrats" have long since passed. If you still believe that Joe Biden is a moderate politician styled after that Kennedy legacy, you are out your mind and easily led. We cannot help you. Never waste an ounce of energy convincing anyone of ANYTHING. Do not proselytize. Just live by example. The Democrats have made a deal with the devil (Globalism) and have now become that devil. What we hear coming out of the mouth of a "president elect" Biden is Leftist ideology. That's how I know who and what he is but more importantly who he's in league with (very big players). He has sold his soul if he ever had one and the destiny of Western Civilization. Leftists and Globalists hate White (European descent) individuals in particular because you are the embodiment of everything that they are diametrically opposed to (individualism, free thinking, meritocracy, you are builders and creators) and you represent their only resistance. Pay no attention to the fact that most of them seem to be of White, European descent. It's a mindfuck but the origins of these venomous ideologies is not what you may believe.

Everything runs downstream of the occult and always leads back to the Talmud. Every. Single. Time. Zionism or Zionists. Or, Anti-Zionism for that matter. They pull the strings on each end of the polarity/extreme. But Zionism is just one arrow in the Illuminati quiver, which includes Freemasonry, most religions including fundamentalist Islam (Salafis/Wahabis,) Intelligence agencies, corporations, governments, foundations, think tanks, the mass media, education, NGO’s, etc. Essentially, they have control over money, resources and everyone dances to their tune, while oozing unction. They pit their various agents against each other in order to achieve their goal, the degradation and enslavement of mankind.

It’s hard to say whether the Illuminati expresses a Pharisee Jewish need to control the world, or a Satanic one, or whether there is a difference between the two. However, we do know that Western Civilization is in the grips of this malevolent power apparatus. Call it Illuminati, the Jews, anything you want. 


While the entire (Overton) window has shifted Left, it has become necessary to point out the obvious to far too many folks. No. 1 - THERE IS NO RIGHT WING. The so-called Far Right is whomever the Leftists dictate. That list changes and grows by the day. If you disagree, you're a Right Wing Extremist, A Nazi, A White Supremacist, Racist, etc. 

The Left labels individuals variously. Concepts to invoke phantoms of the past. They play word games. They say that regular people that oppose Leftists and Leftism and any of their Baalshit are fascists and Anti-Semites (watch out for that). The opposite of their position is fascism. Fine. I don't have a problem with that because these types of labels ARE fluid. At the end of the day, whatever terms, labels, or words are used are irrelevant when the fundamental idea conveyed remains the same. That is the fact that there is opposition. Getting caught up on labels no es bueno. You can call me a fascist. You can call me a Nazi. A white supremacist. Anti-Semite. You can call me anything you want. At the end of the day, the fact remains the same.

I am the opposition.

No. 2 - Democrats have slid dangerously Left, they are Leftists. That means neo-Bolshevik mindsets. Marcusian. They are no longer Kennedy Democrats. They are guided by Democratic Socialists (Commies), Corporate occultists, Legacy Media, etc. All the bad actors.

No. 3 - Every time they accuse someone or a group of being "Far Right", "White Nationalist", "White Supremacist" or "Right Wing", Racist, Bigots, etc. know that that person is a potential ally. Because that is the Leftists M.O. They label and brand, indiscriminately, in order that there be something to point at. They know the effect it has on the accused and observers especially. They can tell you all they want that there's a boogeyman out there but if they can point to someone and say to you 'look there's the boogeyman', so far you've believed it. 

I fought for years against anarcho-communists, all manner of Leftists, Marxists, SPLC, and Black Lives Matter. I'm one of the lying SPLC's poster girls and I am proud of that fact because I got their fuckin number. They are frauds on a good day. These anarcho-communists could never understand who I am. All I can say is that they're gonna wish we were Nazis. Even Hitler offered reprieve.

A group of very good people got together to fight these hateful Leftists, once upon a time back when all you guys didn't even know blood was being spilled. We held Liberty events, first amendment events. All of our liberties hinge on the concept of the first amendment. We were labeled Nazis and white supremacists, or guilty by association, but we persisted even as our numbers dwindled.  Got down to the point where there was just a handful of us. But we are lions. These good Liberty-minded people were targeted by hordes of anonymous Leftists and labeled Nazis, White Supremacists, etc. and then ostracized by their communities because their employers and landlords, and families were hounded by these anonymous hordes of Leftists whose goal it is to ruin lives; but also to create the opposition. People lost their jobs, homes, family members, friends. They were completely isolated. The Left loves to do that to people. This happened all over the country where people stood up to this menace.

That didn't make me want to stop. What made me stop was realizing that the Leftists were using our own momentum against us to build their movement. It spread like wild-fire within two years. We were dealing with something that none of us had ever experienced. The only way to stop this scourge is to deny them the reactions that they seek. It all comes down to energy and they want yours. Be stingy with it. Be stoic. Give them no reaction as they are attention whores.

Also, the original Proud Boys used to be legit. When nobody else could or would those guys did. That's before their diversity quota that lead them to be infiltrated by the Feds which's when they started organizing fights with Antifa. Moral of the story is becoming the Left is not the way to fight the Left. 

A loose rule is, if the Leftist Apparatus is calling somebody a Nazi or a white supremacist or accuse that person or group of Anti-Semitism - especially, then I know that individual must really be giving them a hard time or is shining a light on something that the Left does NOT want you to know, and is therefore an ally. This's how you're gonna know who's who. Who is friend. Who is foe.

While people may support Leftist policies and propaganda and identity politics, you gotta understand that giving in is never a feasible option. They will always want more. They have no mercy for any character of opposition or dissent and they keep tightening the noose of acceptable speech and behavior so that they will control all behavior and all speech. You can't give them anything. The world will become a Pale of Settlement where there is a law for every aspect of your life and now the culture police have arrived. This Pharisaic Rabbinical governance is upon us once again. There's nothing new under the sun. If you do not know what I am referring to, I suggest you look into Noahide Laws. Before you call someone an Anti-Semite or a bigot, know why they are fighting these evils. 

At the same time, when you hear people spouting Leftist bullshit even though they say they're something else, get away from them. They're no good and could get you hurt. Also, lots of Leftists like to pose as "Right Wingers" and they always go way over the top. They're larpers (Live Action Role Play). It's like a game to them. Just don't play. Give them a nice white smile and walk away. 

Don't be fooled by anything you hear on the News or on that Tell-A-Vision. It's hi-tech wizardy. I shit you not. They are whores of the control apparatus that intends to subjugate humanity. This is a long, drawn out game to them.

No. 4 - Conservatives don't conserve shit and certainly not values. They are controlled opposition. However, the constituents are widely comprised of the old Kennedy-minded Democrats. All the classically minded liberals migrated to the right. The Conservatives of old are no more thanks (or not) to Donald Trump. Today's Conservativism is actually something else altogether. Trumpism perhaps. For example, you would never find an LGBT wing or section of the Conservative Party of old. Conservatives in the Trump era are Liberals and are ushering in the same destructive policies that we desperately need to avoid. There is no true Right Wing sadly.

Neither political party is for the people. The Democrats are racing toward globalism/subjugation, while Republican are slow walking it. They work together. It's a basic fact. If you weren't so caught up in all the drama, you would've noticed. However, the citizen of the United States have become the cheapest of whores. Stop whoring yourselves. It will never be enough.

There once were two merchants with shops side by side. They were bitter enemies. They competed ruthlessly and fought like cats and dogs out in the street in front of their shops for all to see. These competing merchants were famed for their mutual enmity over a lifetime. A time finally arrived when one of the merchants having grown old, passed away. While going through the shops, the family was astonished to find a door hidden in the back of building that connected the two stores of these bitter enemies. All of those years it was a charade devised to take advantage of the community and bilk them of their hard earned money. It was a ruse. Just like politics. They were actually working together the entire time.

Now that's not to say I'm a fan of Libertarianism or even recognize Independents. You only believe you're Independent. You're probably a stooge for Leftists.


That's the best story to depict Democrats and Republicans. You know, before the "Leftists" infiltrated the Democrat party and every other party btw. Now the Republicans are split. You have rhinos in league with the Left and any that are good are ineffective. They don't know what to do. Sunday school teachers are ill-equipped to succeed against hardened criminals. If they're not gonna fight, they have no business being there. The days of politicians making a career out of bilking tax payers must end. We can't vote our way out of this. 


Many Democrats and Centrists, probably your very own neighbors, have not caught on to these facts yet. Rest assured that the timeline does not wait for anyone to play catch up. Things are moving along rapidly. It is easy to fool individuals stuck in a quagmire of idealist politics and culture, whose views of America have not been directly touched by Leftism or racial violence for that matter.


Nonetheless, for Conservatives to admonish their Democrat neighbors as "Commies" is not only utterly unhelpful, it plays into the greater dynamic that molds consensus and solidifies the political polarity/extremes. Remember that anyone who is to the Right of "Marxist" deviancy is your ally and that our overlords always create polarities. It's always this or that. Black vs. White, Democrat vs. Republican, Israel vs. Palestinians. Blah, Blah. Btw, I'm not Israeli so why should I give a fuck about Israel? Our fates are not intertwined. Why are we paying tribute to Israel to the tune of 4 billion a year? Are we not the 'super power'? The U.S. is a corporation. U.S.A., Inc. beholden to Israel and the master that owns it.


No. 5 The us vs. them polarity is not Right vs. Left. Again, there is NO Right wing only those who oppose the Left are demonized as Far Right or Right Wing. Welcome to the club. There is only Leftist Authoritarianism in its many forms vs. every free man and woman. Meaning, every American, every individual whose views fall to the right of Marxism, to the Right of Leftism, who can escape the confines of Leftist collectivist hive thinking, that is your ally in the fight against the Leftist Authoritarian scourge that is bearing down on you and their intent to unravel and destroy Western Civilization.

The Leftists have told you that they are fighting to End Whiteness. That is in their own words. Google it.

By Ending Whiteness they mean they want to eradicate White people and the entirety of Western/White civilization and all of the ideas, traditions, and social structures that go along with that because all of these things stand in the way of a singular world government, Globalism/subjugation of the masses under one flag. All the systems are already in place. Sorry to inform you.


The backbone of any viable nation is the family unit. It really is that simple. The nation is the people. Not the government. Destroy the family and you destroy Western Civilization.

In every Western country worldwide, the same thing is occurring, which's the deconstruction of white societies. Doesn't matter where you look. In South Africa they used [Black] Communism to destroy a wealthy nation and spiral it into demise and then promote and permit the systematic murder of white farmers. This is happening in our life times and they want you to believe that it is a conspiracy theory because we are on our way to becoming South Africa (if they have their way).


Unfortunately, this has already begun in the U.S. where "whites" are routinely killed at exponential rates by "blacks" every year under the power of this "Progress" we keep hearing about and allowing to continue. The writing is on the wall. Review the data. These Leftist elements have worked to create violent individuals void of conscience. Golems. That they cannot actually control. Golems always turn on the conjurer. The fact of the matter is that Leftist policy and ideology has engineered masses of violent, impulse based (woke) individuals to use firstly against whites and the kicker is that those same mindless, violent people see Leftist Jews as white too. Oh what a web we weave. 

In Zimbabwe, they targeted the white farmers too. They persecuted them. They banished the White Farmers and drove them out. These once white countries continually bite off their noses despite their faces when black leadership takes over with no concept of the future ramifications of their actions as if they have no foresight and then suffer the humiliation of their own actions because they are incapable of surviving without our assistance or administration. They are full of hate and therefore inherently WRONG. Hate is always WRONG. Until their own people were starving Mugabe finally beckoned White men back and paid them to farm. People starved to death because they were racist against the White farmers. You get what you fuckin deserve.

Take a good look at England. Whatever happens to the White/European population there will be your fate. In fact, you can look at any of our sister countries and know the fate of your children. In Britain, the white citizens are targeted as inherently racist for wanting to preserve their own culture and have a true break from the Communist EU [Brexit]. Many are jailed for fighting the scourge of Leftism. The White indigenous population is denied economic opportunity via "woke" politics and social policies but moreover it is most fair to state that their abilities to thrive in their home country is actively stifled. They are hated by their ruling class and systematically being replaced. Do you know who the ruling class is? It is They. The Talmudics. Satanic Pedophile Elites. 


The White children are and have been specifically targeted and predated upon by migrant rape gangs for decades and that fact was actively covered up by the government. They purposefully and deliberately smeared good citizens for speaking out. The abuses against white British women in that country are startling but not at all different from what you see happening across Europe at the hands of migrants.


In UK, their own government via the adoption system funnels children into trafficking networks. You can look back decades and hear or read the personal stories of adoption services victims that have told the 'authorities' about Satanic pedophilia networks. They have been systematically shunned. So, you have third world minority rape gangs running rampant, the streets taken over neighborhood by neighborhood and then whole communities run over by Third World immigrants, you have child trafficking, satanic cults, these evil Fabians, secret societies, and frankly a foreign ruling class that took over around 500 years ago that controls the destiny/fate of the native white population and are hostile toward them. Whatever happens to the people of Britain will be our fate.

As an aside, the Queen of England and her house is illegitimate. 


In Australia, they are dealing with Sudanese street gangs. Unbelievable. Not to mention that China is exporting their population all over the world, colonizing it, and stifling white countries like Australia and their manufacturing in particular. There are no-go zones all across Europe.


In Germany, on NYE there was a mass rape event against native German women by hordes of migrants where hundreds of German women were specifically targeted and assaulted. Do you know what the government's response was? It was to turn a blind eye because they intend to erase Europeans by breeding them out and killing them off. They hate Anglo-Saxon people in particular. 


You are not permitted to live in peace in "white" countries and this is just the beginning. In every country in Western Civilization the same thing is occurring, an unraveling of the nation. It is deliberate. We are all in the same predicament as citizens of Western Civilization no matter what your background is because if you are a productive, free thinking individual you will find yourself at odds with Globalism which is responsible for the aforementioned. 

You can cry a tear for minorities all you want even as minority yourself. The reality is that when White/European descent people become a minority in this country, they will not receive the same treatment, neither will you, and that is by design. Besides, it is your very existence as a white individual that makes it possible for so many to enjoy a better life. Millions have received the hospitality of America and now they call you white supremacists and racists. This's the thanks you get. No good deed goes unpunished.

As the majority group in Western countries, white people are already being openly targeted. Pay attention to what this Biden administration and the media (lackeys for the power elite) are saying. They're hostile to White Americans. Just turn on your tell-A-vision and watch a few ads. It's rare to see an intact white family. You give energy toward your own demise and/or consent to it by doing nothing. You still possess the power to make things right and secure a safe future for America, including and especially white children. Teach your children well. This is about self-determination. If we win self-determination for ourselves, we win it for everyone. 


The mechanism by which you are being targeted lies in the "fear/hate" manipulation that Leftists have timelessly utilized to pit groups against one another. That is the tool they use to signify that something is off limits. When they do that, go and research whatever or whomever they are trying to censor or persecute. 

How will you know who the culprits are? By their actions. You cannot distinguish any other way and if you try to it will backfire and you'll get nowhere. If you want to see who the players are, pay attention to who is screaming hate against white people, who's looking to censor anyone, who's being targeted, who's being canceled, etc. It will always be the usual suspects. The Tribe.


Even as it pertains to race relations the M.O. can be observed.


In the West, the Leftist Apparatus creates violent, aggressive, hateful, impoverished and/or silver spooned minority classes and masses of individuals over generations that via manufactured Anti-White hate culture coupled with amplified minority group preference set the stage for further calamity. The Left tells identity groups what it is to be them. They peddle in identity. Rather than let you live in peace they have you caught up in working to be what they have designated for you to be. Get off the hamster wheel. 


Remember that popular culture means to convey its "cult" influences. We live in an extremely mysterious world. You're supposed to know that because according to them by partaking in any of it but especially by not speaking against it, you're consenting to it. As we see most are doing more than that. They're directly promoting androgyny but actually worse than that many more are allowing themselves and their own children to be utilized in furtherance of Baalshit. They are embodying something what they do not understand. The word culture as used in the term "pop culture" refers to it's root being "Cult" influences. The elites are pushing Marcusian/Marxist interpretations or rather perversions of existing cultural norms.

Being homosexual means x y and z and translated by Marxism/Marcusianism is always perverse, debauched, and requires particular affects (faggotry). In fact, as you know Homosexuality has always existed. However, not in the numbers we're seeing and it has never been forced down the throat of society. Now it is being deliberately pushed and promoted as fashionable/pop culture.


So, all of that talk about "live and let live" went out the door a long time ago. If in 2014 the proponents of Gay Marriage which I do NOT advocate) were solely interested in obtaining the "equal rights" that Heterosexuals enjoy, then they would not have cared whether or not it was called Marriage. But, because it was the first spoke in the wheel to be used to manifest this societal shift toward androgyny which requires the destruction of the Family Unit, they had to call it Marriage. They had to take a shot at this most blessed union. Marriage is between a man and a woman. 


Only the weak cry about their "Rights".  


Your own tolerance is what invited the Baalshit in. Pedophiles are in their own category but the Left seeks to normalize pedophilia as a sexual orientation. MAP. Minor Attracted Persons. I blame gay men for making the fatal error of riding the Civil Rights train to transgenderism. They specifically empowered this 'transgender' movement and all the Baalshit we have to now clean up. I'm saying as a group. This is what happened. Now we find ourselves in a tough spot and this very small demographic known as transgenders wants to be worshipped as the new norm and worst of all, they want your kids. Pretty soon heterosexuality will be shunned entirely. If you do not see where this is going, I'm not surprised. You've probably never heard of The Age of Androgyny before now. Baphomet. These are satanic queer commies after all and all of this stems from Astro-theology. 

Marxism wants you to believe that you have to be flamboyant, for instance, to be homosexual. A flaming fag. Sounds gay. Don't forget that Marxism is faggotry and nothing to do with your sexuality. They've essentially hijacked Gay Rights and now you must submit. 

When I refer to Baal, I'm speaking of the Biblical Ba'al. Human sacrifice. The sacrifice of children. If you want to know where all this is heading, it's simple. They will not be satisfied until they have your consent to fuck your kids live on t.v. and perform their ritual torture and debasements on live t.v. When we talk about Human Trafficking and the trafficking of children, this is a real and actual pandemic. 800,000 children annually go missing in this country alone and that does not take into consideration the adoptions system and a great many other ways that they channel children into their pedophilia networks. Remember, they shut down the Q-anons because of the revealing of child trafficking and ritual torture. The Blood Libel lives on to this day. 


Once upon a time, "They" merely wanted your foreskin goy. Now they want the whole damn appendage. We are as a society allowing UNSPEAKABLE evils to be committed against our own children under the banner of LGBTQ and the Transgender Movement. The Civil Rights movement is how we got here. Again, this misconception about "Rights". 


Same is true for Black people. You're not Black unless x y and z. You're not black unless you talk black, act black, etc. Who's deciding these things? Not your group. Take a look back a few decades and look at what was actually stolen from you as a people.

When a member of a minority groups deviates from the script or fails to see White People as the cause of their perceived misfortunes they're treated with the same hatefulness that white people are treated with, evidencing that it really comes down to ideology. The Left doesn't actually care about minorities other than harnessing their energies toward destructive ends. We call such individuals manipulated by Leftists 'Useful Idiots'. Useful Idiots of all races are controlled by the Left.

Also, I'm not sure how to reason with people that actually believe they're being harvested for their melanin. That's the absolute hilt of ethnocentrism. 

In the course of all this fear and hatred minorities never explore White/European history sufficiently to get to the root of what is happening - even to them. They get stuck in the cultural frame created for them. If you have an individual that does break through and starts asking the right questions, welp, they're labeled and targeted and publicly humiliated. We have such short memories but it keeps happening over and over. Most recently to Deshawn Jackson, Nick Cannon, etc. 

Joe Biden openly talked about how you're gonna be put back in chains and you clapped. Wtf. Your culture was hijacked decades ago and is now designed to so immerse you and turn you against others that you never seek the necessary knowledge to get out of your bind and only see yourselves in comparison to others. You're only empowered to the extent that they allow you to be. That's not freedom. 

Also, to call a Black community segregated once upon a time is peculiar. All immigrants to this country had their own neighborhoods even in my life time where I grew up we had Polish, German, Italian, Irish, Jewish, Black, etc. Htf are they gonna cherry pick the Black community and say for all intents and purposes you can't have your own communities because it's oppression. They would not leave people alone to live in their own communities instead the State determined that Blacks not have the communities that they did and that Blacks have to be spread out and assimilated into other people's communities that are living peacefully as you were. It has worked. You are not allowed to build your own futures and have self-determination.  Unless it's an impoverished urban hell.


I'll add more to this later but if you know your history you know I'll be invoking the great Malcolm X. You gotta ask yourself why is there a federal holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. (a made up name btw) and not for Malcolm X. What is it that he wanted for the black community? Self-determination guys. We'll discuss this later. For now, start with Professor Tony Martin. If you are not willing to put in the hard work, then you get what you fuckin deserve. Just like the rest of us. 

Listen, modernity creates rootless people longing for non-existent roots. That is by design and has occurred the world over for millennia to countless peoples. There is nothing special about us. We are just in the way. When we are no longer equipped to resist, we get lined up against the wall just like everyone else we allowed our energies to be used to line up.

The Left talks a lot about sustainability. So, I want to touch on this.

By 'sustainability', they mean depopulation. Depopulation is The Green New Deal's punchline. Think Agenda 21. Sustainability deals with managing human "overpopulation". Watch the documentary that Michael Moore released that was so highly acclaimed by the Left and the so-called "Right". The underlying theme is that no Green Energy initiatives are working or will work because the problem is us. There are too many humans. These people are Anti-Human and they want to thin out our numbers and have population zones. Those zones are already in place by the way. This last election was a referendum on - The Green New Deal aka U.N. Agenda 21/2030. These people are diabolical. At the world economic forum Klaus Schwaab came right out and told you, "You will own nothing and be happy". That's the Globalist plan. No joke. "They" have proven to be smarter than any of us. They have been at this a very long time. They are a multigenerational, occult driven elite. Gnostics. Talmudics. 

It starts with white people but will not end there. Take seriously this threat. While the Left has started with "white" people, they will not stop there. They intend to label and then target the "whiteness" in every individual and every group in every facet of society and purge it. They consistently tell you what they are going to do and follow through every time. They are effective. Therefore I urge White/European descent people to take a stand now as a cohesive group. Say no. Never back down. The blood of revolutionaries runs through your veins after all and nobody else's.

Besides, you are the majority group. If you can't take on this ominous specter of Leftist Authoritarianism nobody else will be able to and that includes generations in the future. All America loving patriots will back you but it has to start with you. When you fight for yourselves every decent American wins.

The Hate Laws, affirmative action, and any "special treatment" rights that have been afforded to certain groups but not others, may make smallminded and shortsighted individuals feel better in the short run, but it's not designed for your benefit. These people play the long game. This is just a way to manipulate and divide groups and target the White population.

Ultimately, these laws are self-defeating for the very individuals they purport to help. You're in the grips of an abuser, that's the mentality. It's the same psychological model. So, when you cheer because an individual has been silenced over these devious concepts of Hate Speech, Anti-Semitism, speaking against "your group" or your position or for engaging in what they like to tell you is racism but is actually in-group preference, know that you are being manipulated. That "white supremacist", "racist", or "anti-Semite" is someone not "down" with the Leftist or Globalist program of subjugation.

We all want to be free.

They want you to believe that in-group preference is racism and then in turn that this idea of racism equates to violence against those not in that racial group. This is what is conveyed by this word racist. It invokes ideas of violence. This is a falsity and crafted Baalshit and only whites are persecuted by it. Only whites are not permitted to exercise in-group preference or enjoy the right to freedom of association.

Be NOT afraid. When you are accused of being a bigot, racist, white supremacist, Anti-semite, etc. Be all of those things together. Never ever by any means defend against Leftist accusations. It's instant defeat to take a defensive position. I cannot emphasize this enough, you're all white now. That's the corner you've been pushed into so embrace it. Laugh at them. Remember, the Left wants you to squirm and by defending yourself against any of their attacks that's exactly what you're doing. Please be strong.

It's key to note that this mind-fuck/gymnastics regarding racism only applies to White/European descent people.


Meanwhile, the power apparatus actively propagates and promotes actual racial violence against Whites, and Asians for that matter. There are distinct rules depending on your skin color. Listen, the past is the past. We are not those people. White or Black. However, they're using minorities, including if not especially women, to bring about the new order of oppression. It will never end if we don't open our eyes to it and push back hard. We're Americans but they have forfeited that honor.  

Remember, what you do to your fellow man will prove to be your own fate since you do not understand the forces at work. Better read a fuckin book. They just want you to think that there's a boogeyman out there. In reality, it's just people wanting to live free from government interference just like you.

The concept of Anti-Semitism should be wholly rejected. It is a tool of the State. I say this not only because it is not designed to protect regular people (like your Jewish neighbors) but rather is designed to defend the power apparatus. Look at the Jewish community that the State is warring upon in New York over social distancing mandate violations. Those orthodox Jewish people would never be permitted to utilize 'anti-Semitism' to their own advantage against the State. What does that tell you Jewish people? Also, look at what has happened in your temples. You have been taken over.

Additionally, it would not even be necessary to have Anti-Semitism laws if Semitism itself did not exist. Semitism being a tribal supremacy overshadowing the world giving birth to all manner of destructive ideologies, and utilized against Jewish people themselves when it is expedient for the State or their sanctioned goons to do so.

In a sense, we are all Jews whether culturally, religiously, or by virtue of partaking in systems ideologically borne of these same roots. So, how can I be Anti-Semitic? I am whom the State wars against. Wise up. It's not about Jewish people. It's about the State. There are only two classes of Americans and it's based on economic classifications. Guess which group you're in? The Poors. You are not the elite. You are NOT the initiated.

I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news but any sense of being special or "Chosen" was crafted and it's being used against you. You just can't see it yet because you've given all of your energy to the delusion.

But what if you had the courage to see yourself as you are or may be, a singular individual with the superpower of morality enveloping you no matter who you stand along side, among, or against. You are a beacon. Join the side of morality and forsake EVERYTHING else.

Also, Leftist Jews have forfeited their Jewishness. Act accordingly.


Gone, but never forgotten. We remember the Jewish Patriot, Henry H. Klein, martyred for exposing the Communist plot to rule the world. There are many other Jews that have exhibited exceptional wherewithal and had the courage to blow the whistle and in doing so paid the ultimate cost with their lives. Can you imagine that level of conviction? We must muster the same level of conviction to fight what is now Leviathan. If we had only listened. 


Shortly before his “suicide” in 1955, Henry H. Klein, a righteous Jew, uttered these prophetic words: 


“Zionism is a political program for the conquest of the world…Zionism destroyed Russia by violence as a warning to other nations. It is destroying the United States through bankruptcy, as Lenin advised. Zionism wants another world war if necessary to enslave the people. Our manpower is scattered over the world. Will we be destroyed from within or will we wake up in time to prevent it?” (Pamphlet “Zionism Rules the World”).

Klein said: “Communists control not only our government but our politics, our labor organizations, our agriculture, our mines, our industries, our war plants and our armed encampments….Anti-Semitism is a racket…”

Reject the concepts of Hate Speech. Reject any special treatment. Nothing in life is free. By the time you realize what the trade offs are you will have already been defeated. The same psychopaths will wield their power against you. They are master manipulators. The power that you allow to be used against your neighbor will swing down on you in our lifetime because the ball has been set in motion.


Your boy Trump signed the Anti-Semitism Bill that is meant to be the Death Warrant for Western Civilization. ​Remember that.


Now, I'm a free speech absolutist. While that does not mean free to make viable threats of violence, that does mean freedom of expression and thought and nothing is off limits. No knowledge or information is off limits, including the Holocaust, which I will touch on at some point but suffice to say that locking individuals up for not towing the line, or agreeing with the State's set of facts is a huge red flag. This's State dogma now and therefore problematic.


Nothing is what is seems or what they promote. They are liars and when you find out the magnitude of the lies, you will be incensed. Holocaust and WW2 requires re-examination. Hitler killed 6 million Jews that never existed. The first mention of 6 million Jews occurs in the early 19th Century where "they" exclaim in newspapers that 6,000,000 Jews in Russia are in peril of being exterminated. They've used Jewish people as useful idiots. You have been utilized to promote the biggest hoax on the world until Covid, of course. 


Now in the past several years, we have witnessed hordes of Leftist Jews coordinating social media and ground tactic campaigns to promote Anti-White hate and how corporations and governments have so aptly responded to this. We have observed this culture of Anti-Whiteness spread in real time alongside another Jewish rooted ideology, Communism, to include all types of people from all walks of life, including White people. If that didn't cause you to take pause and wonder "wtf is going on here" then you are brain-dead. They use the same M.O. Every. Single. Time.

If you do not know as an individual that identifies as a Jew what Noahide Laws are or what the Pale of Settlement was, you should be ashamed of yourself. Get on the right side of this thing NOW and fight. If you do advocate for the elimination of "white" people you are in a precarious situation because all of this same Anti-White Leftist rhetoric and propaganda that you push will come down on your own heads and on the heads of innocents. Your own families and people. That is evil. You have forfeited your Jewishness as a Leftist Jew.

If you still watch mainstream media, or you believe that they are unbiased, that they have the best interests of the American people in mind, or that they are in any way a legitimate source of information, at this point in the timeline, you might want to lift your head up from the grindstone and pay attention. They, in fact, manufacture consensus and mold perception to their own greedy advantage. It's called a Tel-A-Vision after all. Every aspect of the system is rigged against you. 

I come across lots of Democrats that are ready to fight at the first word but listen to them long enough and you will see that they have no idea what they have voted in and most don't understand basic concepts of property rights. They certainly do not understand The Green New Deal. They do not understand the document from which it originates. They do not understand the fundamental concepts of individual rights. I know this for a fact because if they understood in even the most basic sense, they would never have voted for a Democrat party that plans to implement The Green New Deal. A cornerstone of The Green New Deal is to abolish private property. Your own personage is your property. Grug say, "You own you". Think very hard about that. This is not a game. You see what's going on out here. 

Do not take any vaccine. We are still in Emergency status so there's no liability on the manufacturers. If you think the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is a better option, then you're what they call an idiot. J&J has been sued several times in high profile class action suits for knowingly allowing production of products that would cause harm to and/or injury to the public. After a while, I was wondering who has it out for J&J there were so many crippling class actions. Pfizer is even worse.


At the end of the day, you cannot save people from themselves. This point in the timeline is called, "You get what you fuckin deserve". 


Through fear and hate you are manipulated into giving up "Rights" and "Freedoms". Who is it that they want you to hate? What is it that they want you to fear? Reject these methods of manipulation. They are designed to keep you from seeing, from looking, and therefore from knowing.

Otherwise, your moderate Democrat neighbor might've noticed over the past several years that the methods and mechanism of operation of this Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus were being exposed. We can thank Donald Trump for that. We've all had the opportunity to see how the proverbial sausage is made. Remember, every individual possesses special and unique abilities. Superpowers. Donald Trump is Orion. They must kill Orion. There's nothing new under the Sun. It's not about liking or disliking DJT. What was his purpose? He definitely served it and without him we would NOT know the things we know now. We can't unsee what has been revealed. 

Get acquainted with the terms neo-Bolshevism and 'permanent revolution', you're in the grips of it. Read a fuckin book. Pay attention to the finer points of what occurred back in 1917 in Russia and who those people (Bolsheviks) actually were. Who was Genrihk Yagoda? Never heard of a murderous Jew? That's what the core of the Bolsheviks were. Remember, all things run downstream of the occult and from that same ideology. Look at the statistics. Do your homework. This is not a drill. This is an existential fight. The Moral vs. The Immoral. The powers that be rely on the fact that you will not do the hard work and they do everything that they can to deny you your ability to perform due diligence over most everything in your life and then hold you responsible for your failure to do so. Veritably everything that affects you in your life is crafted for you by elite insiders and initiates. They arrogantly tell you that they control what you think. Listen to them carefully and know them by their actions since they utilize the same tactics - Every. Single. Time.

#Voltaire. "To find out who rules over you, find out who you cannot criticize." Truly the most prolific shit poster of all time until Donald J. Trump. A vote for Donald Trump was a vote against the Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus that controls every institution of society. A vote for Biden was a vote for globalism and subjugation as outlined in The Green New Deal [Agenda 21/2030]. What you are observing is the take over of America by Bolshevik Communists, Trans-Humanists, Globalists, and Satanists/Occultists. Collectively known as the Leftist Authoritarian Apparatus that uses every institution of society to further enslave Western Civilization and the World. 


Nobody's coming to save you. That is a timeless myth borne of tyranny to fool capable individuals into abdicating their own personal power and agency to a false idea that was only ever designed to distort reality. It is up to decent, freedom loving individuals to overcome this crafted thought environment so that we may fight to become free thinking individuals in order to save Western Civilization and secure the future of our children for at least another 100 years.

"Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times."​

Looks Like Arnold "the Talmudinator" Schwartzenegger Made A Few Trips to Epstein Island (


Why National Socialism? An Awakened, Happy and Abundant Nation. – Entity Art

As an aside, there are no viable free speech social media platforms. I have tested them all. Post something controversial, not politically correct, or that falls anywhere outside of Leftist/Woke dogma and you will find out immediately where things stand. That's what I do. Even on this website. I have set up this website since the conveyance of information at any rate is paramount. While I appreciate visitors here at this website, I invite you sign up for my newsletter because I believe that, that method of information dissemination is where we are being forced to go. An underground railroad of information. 

Again, there are NO viable free speech social media platforms at this time. is an echo chamber together with Parler, and Minds that I also consider otherwise 'dead-fish' platforms because we have been called to push back against the "smoke and mirrors", media narratives, and craft of legacy media (craft: Skill in evasion or deception; guile). Because of this, Facebook is still the best vehicle. Wimkin removed the entire blog section. I was the Top second blogger on that "free" speech platform closing in on the Top slot. Let's just say I wasn't blogging about the intrigue of pecan muffins. Codias is the number #1 contender for minds. 

2/18/2022 Facebook is an echo chamber for the most part. You get more exposure on Instagram.

11/2/2022 Facebook is officially irrelevant.


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Looks Like Arnold "the Talmudinator" Schwartzenegger Made A Few Trips to Epstein Island (

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Climate Change is created by the same fearmongering Globalists that accuse the people of Western Civilization of creating it. These Globalists have been pumping toxic compounds into the atmosphere for several decades. The matter came to a head in the 80's. Now They blame the West and its peoples for the destruction They have worked so diligently to create in order to guilt trip the West into abdicating world superpower status in lieu of China. Climate Change is a mechanism used to cripple the West economically and socio-culturally. The video (below) best explains what is occurring. Corporations and governments work arduously to create "Climate Change". Regular people have no hand in Climate Change and over-population is not a factor in Western Civilization but a factor everywhere else. China is the greatest culprit and contributor of industrial pollution on the planet. So, why blame the West? Pushing of a Climate Change narrative solely benefits the Global Elite and Their agenda to prop up China and handicap the U.S. via policy. The environmental movement has been hijacked by Globalists (think World Economic Forum) that uses individuals like Greta Thunberg as their poster child layering the cake with more guilt tripping of the West. All to enable the new economic world order headed up by Communist China, with no actual concern for our environment that they work feverishly to destroy.


The endgame of the Globalists and the "Climate Change" ruse is in line with Transhumanist goal for humanity that seeks to decimate all vegetative life, including trees and the ability to farm, and effectuate depopulation globally. All of these dangerous influcences are in lockstep. China is clearly blinded to their Globalist partner's true goals, or should I say masters since They who hold China's debt are China's master. How do you get out of this China? Navigating the Culture Wars ( Podcast

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"End Racism" means warring against European descent people in Latin America just as They do against Whites in the U.S. As Latin Americans, you may not recognize your European roots, but Zog does. By predominance, you are Aryan/European peoples. "To not know who you are is to be as a child" but you are children of Europe and that legacy, identity, and covenant stolen is yours too. There is a reason that we are being targeted. The peoples of Europe spread across the world are the people of the covenant. Those that war upon European descent peoples are the evil seed line referred to in biblical texts from the very beginning.  Know them by their deeds.


The Globalist Zionist Elite: Understanding the Problem (

If you want to cut to the chase and get right to Understanding The Problem click the link above. How could such a small number of people enslave masses of people and gain such an overwhelming control over whole nations and their governments and societies, especially without the people being aware of it? Wish I could tell you that it was a conspiracy theory, but this is the pathetic reality.  How did we get here? Through mantras of "Liberalism" and "Democracy" emanating from every sector of society that molds societal perception (think corporate advertising, Hollywood and movies, the political class, entertainment and sports t name a few. Western civilization and the U.S. in particular are amusement parks for the Global elite, this Cult we are discussing. Those with the most power and influence have sold out Western civilization to China and mean to return the West to an agrarian (farming) society in the relative short run. 


Grandmother Stares Down the State - Imprisonment Reveals that the "Holocaust" Never Happened (


This is the lovely woman who "radicalized" a generation against the Holocaust lie. The imprisonment of Ursula Haverbeck set off a domino effect of public interest that ultimately revealed that the "Holocaust Narrative" is solely a State sanctioned lie. Ms. Haverbeck was charged with "Holocaust Denial" and imprisoned on these charges on multiple occasions over the past several years each instance instigating interest into the matter and questions by the public (mostly younger generations) as to the State's interest in such a matter. Holocaust Denial is a crime against the State in more Western nations than not.


Each occurrence of charges instituted by the State against this elderly woman for "Holocaust Denial" peaked the public's interest. Each occurrence of imprisonment of Ms. Haverbeck for simply not agreeing with and/or for questioning the State's Holocaust narrative sparked public outrage and built a momentum of interest into the matter causing millions of people globally to question the official Holocaust narrative. The conclusion being that the holocaust never happened and that it was at the start simply a Soviet lie. In our modern times, "the Holocaust" is a lie that looms over all of Western Civilization and is used to browbeat and coerce nations into ideological submission.


We owe an eternal debt of gratitude to Ms. Haverbeck for her dedication to truth in a world of lies and deceptions. The State's relentless war against 94-year-old Ursula Haverbeck, robbing her of her Twighlight years has alerted millions to who rules over us. Thank you Ms. Haverbeck for your love of Truth!














The "Holocaust" never happened. There was never a program of extermination of the Jews. This is a fairytale created by Communists that have hundreds of millions of European deaths on their hands. "Accuse the other of that which you are guilty". They even have the public believing that statement is attributed to Goebbels. What you understand under penalty of consequences concerning the holocaust, is a lie.


Our first clue is that the truth does not require a law to uphold it, nor penalty of imprisonment. In most European countries it is illegal to question the "official narrative" on the Holocaust and Holocaust Denial is a crime punishable by imprisonment. That is called a clue that something is terribly wrong in Western Civilization. Look up Ursula Haverbeck to understand the predicament. What They do not tell you is what happened after WW2 when the Communists gained dominion which policies of murder, rape, starvation, and torture qualifies as a program of extermination of Germans.  Germany is still on its knees to this day.

Copy and past the items below to see just how bad it really is in Europe.

Europe's migrant crisis: The year that changed a continent - BBC News

Migrants in Europe Linked To Soaring Violence and Crime in Germany, Study Finds (

Germany's Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals out of Control :: Gatestone Institute

Germany Sees Two Gang Rapes a Day, Half of Suspects Migrants (

Germany ‘Sleepwalking Into Another Migrant Crisis’ Warns Top MEP (

Germany: Migrant Rape Crisis Worsens :: Gatestone Institute

It has always been a war time practice ​to rape and breed out people by the prevailing victors in a conflict. So, who did Whites and Western Civilization lose a war to. The answer explains what is happening to Western modern societies since WW2. The prevailing ideology is Bolshevik in nature.  


The Bolsheviki, Who They Are and What They Believe (

​​​​​​You are also never taught about the targeting of Christian populations by Bolshevik and Soviet Communists because that factoid is key. You are not taught that the Bolsheviks were bloodthirsty Jews, a great many coming out of the U.S. They do not want you to comprehend what happened then and why because you would know precisely what is occurring now and by whom. This is a War by Deception. A longstanding foreign influence controlling the West that hates Whites and hates White Christianity that works feverishly to serve up the West to Communist China along side their Liberalized minions.


You were not taught that the most murderous of Communists were Jews. Jews like Genrihk Yagoda and Leon Trotsky are prime examples. It is this ideology that has dominion over Western Civilization and beyond in our times. This information is provided as a starting point for the citizen researcher. You will find that hundreds of millions of people have been murdered by Communists no matter if those Communists were Chinese or Jews. These Communists by all means and mechanisms have killed hundreds of millions worldwide through wholesale murder and starvation. Communism intends to wipe off of the face of this earth all peoples capable of high culture civilization. The Communist 'powers that be' have another unacknowledged strategy, the inbreeding of genetically inferior gene lines, (think damaged chromosomes) into the populations of unadulterated gene lines. If They cannot wholesale murder you, They breed you out with the 'worker race' damaged chromosome gene line. Do not 'race mix'.







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The Holodomor was a man-made (Communist made) war on farmers and farming. It was a Terror-Famine. The collectivization of farming in Ukraine carried out by Genrihk Yagoda and Leon Trotky where an estimated 30 million or more perished by targeted starvation. The Communists took the people's food and criminalized keeping one morsel. Trotsy set out to create an environment of starvation to induce levels of desperation where mothers would eat their children. These same ideological influences control Western Civilization to this day. They are monsters always waiting for the right timing. 


Look up 'Netherland farmers' and find out for yourself that the Communist/Globalists are attempting to gain control over the world's largest farming/food producers. They also will use concocted and planned "supply chain" excuses more frequently since their Cyberpolygon exercise. Below is what happened when the Jewish Bolsheviks gained control over the breadbasket Ukraine. 





It is not sufficient nor honest to merely state that "evil" exists and operates in this world as if that "evil" is indiscriminate and unknowable. To the contrary, that "evil" is organized, focused, and has targeted interests. That "evil" and how it operates can clearly be observed on a Global scale and at every level of western society as we are immersed in their consensus reality. The progenitors of this evil are the People's Republic of China and the Globalist cult, including Transhumanists, but we can narrow down farther from whom the ideological destruction of the West emanates. So, when individuals come out into the public domain proclaiming "It's the Jews!" These individuals have a very good handle on who and what is responsible. All anyone would have to do is observe. Any supposed "champions" struggling against this great "evil" that speak obliquely of the influences responsible for the destruction of Western Civilization are either being dishonest, foolishly strategic, or wholly ignorant. They lack integrity. That is not to say that there are not good people and bad people of every group. Consider it an intelligence test when naming the culprits or making any generalizations. If the response is "not all . . . ." , rest assured that, that person is incapable of abstract thought.  That person lacks the intelligence to grasp complexities. We specifically are speaking of those individuals that are in powerful, prominent, and influential positions that shape our societies and work against the natural interests of all of the people that They wield power and influence against. 

The Talmudic Ritual Killing of Czar Nicholas and the Jewish Kapparah (

The Story of Doug Mackey Arrested for Posting Memes to Help Trump win in 2016 (

The IDF Is The World's Largest Terrorist Organization (

Looks Like Arnold "the Talmudinator" Schwartzenegger Made A Few Trips to Epstein Island (

The One World Government Exposed - Debarelli’s Substack

​Copy and paste the items below to begin your own research journey.

​​​​​The Holocaust Fabrication and Modern Man's War on God (

Enkykliospaedia Cognitonis Occultatum | Your Gateway to Suppressed Knowledge (

How An Elite Group Owns The World And Controls Your Reality (Slideshow) (

Every institution of Global society has been infiltrated. The core ideology behind all of the influences molding and operating to bring about the end of Western Civilization/White countries and thereby world domination, influences that at first appear separate and distinct, is Extreme Subjectivism. That is the commonality. So, it does not matter if one blames the "Jews" (religious or "atheist"), Occultists, the Jesuits (Also Jews), Communists, Marxists, Leftists, Globalists, Hollywood, Corporations, Governments, or Satanists, etc. These are all types of Extreme Subjectivism. All gunning for the White Christian World. Judaism is Subjectivism. Christianity is the diametric opposite. Christianity is an iteration of Aryanism. White people will always create a system based on Truth and Justice. It is in their genetic make-up to create the highest levels of civilization and culture. This is why White people are hated. It is the envy and greed of other races incapable of creating what White peoples inherently can that drives the influences destroying the West. These others that can only destroy (think Talmudism) or at best imitate (think China). The latter believes they will be the beneficiary of economic superpower once the West is destroyed not fully comprehending who are the ones with which they have made these bargains, and they laugh at White Westerners calling them the racial slur Baizou used to refer to Western leftist ideologies primarily espoused by white people. The term baizuo is related to the term shèngmǔ or shèngmǔbiǎo, a reference to those whose political opinions are perceived as being overly driven by emotion. 


Central banking (world economics) is a Usury Ponzi scheme run by psychopaths, and China has made a "deal with the devil".  These psychopaths only offer destruction at a slow and painful drain, but China is working toward its promised ascent without looking at the United States and seeing what is in China's own future. Perhaps they accept that fate.









Not just individuals maligned as "White Supremacists", "racists" and "Nazis" are onto the Globalist Cult's game being played across Western Civilization. No one has the monopoly on morality and therefore you will observe the Cult targeting seemingly unlikely individuals, everyone from Donald Trump to Kanye West to Andrew Tate and potentially to your very own neighbor(s). If you have not noticed, speaking out will get you labeled no matter what your race, class, or status. That's how Communists operate. If labeling is not effective, they will try to have you ostracized in other ways; or worse They will have you gang stalked. Gang stalking occurs at all levels of society from all levels of society, including from the police service, intelligence services, and various levels of government. Not to mention by self-appointed social justice warriors of all ranks, levels, and varieties. 

Copy and paste the items below to begin your own research journey on this topic.

Gangstalking - Cities - TARGETED JUSTICE

Gangstalking Is Depopulation Purge of Law-Abiding Citizens by US Government/Military/Intellience/DHS – 9/11 New World Order (

(1803) Victims of Gang Stalking & Electronic Harassment in Canada: Please Take This Survey - YouTube

Gangstalking Documents - TARGETED JUSTICE



To reiterate, Communism, Religion, and Satanism are not so different and certainly not their endgames. In fact, what we have witnessed societally in the past few years can be directly attributed to the coming into lockstep of all of these influences. The Communist threat from China is the most pressing of our times because The People's Republic of China seeks dominion over the world as if they have been promised the same and they veritably have been. China is the big player behind everything that we are witnessing Globally and all that we are seeing is for the benefit of China. Think about that. The People's Republic of China has deciding influence over the most crucial aspects of American society, including politicians, Federal elections, the CIA and other intelligence services, Hollywood and entertainment, social media, the music industry, sports, and all manner of corporations.  Together with these many influences we have discussed, if not especially Liberal American Jews, this Cult is orchestrating the decline of the United States of America and Western Civilization. Our own countrymen have sold out   the West. All you would have to do is start paying attention to who the players are that come for Ye, Trump, Andrew Tate, White people - men in particular,  etc. 

By and large, Western nation's peoples have fallen for the mantras of Liberalism and Democracy. Both are lies. Both are death warrants for Western Civilization. All part of the grift our elites have been pulling on our nations to render our countries so utterly weak and disoriented by the Culture Wars during this economic shift that China becomes the preeminent world economic superpower and Western Civilization is left exposed as a playground for the Transhumanists (think Satanists).


For all of this to occur, the Globalist Cult has to neutralize White people everywhere in every Western nation.  They must demonize White people and divide society against White people in order to prevail. The "POC's" in particular have fallen pathetically hard for the racial credit system created by Globalists to entrap them on a racial hamster wheel splitting hairs of intersectional points but never measuring up, forever having to defer to someone else with higher arbitrary intersectional points, they themselves creating the new system of oppression and subjugation. Never has the world witnessed this level of concocted "racism", imaginary victimhood, and utter stupidity. To be "Woke" is to be a simpleton. The POC's new masters care not for the cries of "racism", "equality", or "justice". The new masters loath POC's for their silly emotional thinking and the ease at which they are able to be manipulated. 



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Holomodor by Jews.jpg

Looks Like Arnold "the Talmudinator" Schwartzenegger Made A Few Trips to Epstein Island (

Alex Jones Archive ( This Particular Guest Told Us Way Back When And Now Look At What Has Come To Pass.

Update 3/2021:  Considering all of the developments after the election and in the very beginning of 2021, in particular the massive purge that occurred, I suggest individuals not taken in by the Left/Right paradigm think about working together to spread information on other sites like Codias and even Wimkin. We need to commune with others whose ideas fall to the Right of "Marxism", including if not especially conservatives who as I stated above don't even realize that they are not at all conservative and have no clue that they don't know what they don't know. They don't even consider where their information comes from. I'll still refer to them as like-minded individuals because they have met us halfway. The Conservatives kept the fight alive after Charlottesville so that we may live to fight another day and save our country together. We must all work together. Not one element in this fight can do it alone. They have taken the same abuse. In the face of that abuse, they still fight and they will fight. For that, they have my respect. Even though they're actually Liberals and probably believe that Israel is our greatest ally. It's not that simple. We should work to fill them in on the ugly truths and help them to understand the greater mechanisms at work that they are up against as well. 


It's not fair to be stingy with knowledge that affects other people's lives so detrimentally. 



World's Youngest Holocaust Survivor Claims Her Mother Gave Birth To Her On The Way To The Gas Chambers™ - Christians for Truth

Jewish Virtual Library

Dropbox - Whistlin Dixie XVIII Lincoln Execution.mp3 - Simplify your life

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Nazi Mythology

Very simply, there is no such thing as a "Nazi". These individuals that may identify as such are no less "useful idiots" than any Leftist, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or Anti-White dupes. M'Kay? Everyone is manipulated for a purpose and that purpose is to destroy. "They" must offer you a boogeyman. Something to fear. You fall for it Every. Single. Time. What does that say about you? If an individual or group lacks a fundamental respect for racial, cultural, or ethnic groups that should be a huge Red Flag to you at this point. If you believe, even, that Hitler himself had a fundamental "hatred" for ANY particular group, you have bought into a lie. You have been had. 

The mythology of the Holocaust was created after the war ended by those with a motive to destroy you and your way of life and together with much of your erroneous world view (including your belief that Hitler was a "Nazi") they have crafted your "belief" systems and your very reality. So far, you have been content to allow yourselves to be used in furtherance of the deception. Now, if you understood how deep the lies go, you would walk through life stunned as you observe the world around you. Stunned and occasionally mad. Stunned and occasionally sad. I consider "Nazis" larpers for the record. The term "Nazis" is a media concoction.

When I look back at the past several years and I listen to people, it is clear to me that the greatest utility that Trump served was to create a mass cognitive dissonance and "dumbing down" of the public consisting of many components actually, including the rejecting of information, data, and facts, the inability to communicate - they hear words yet they do not comprehend, or worse they don't hear at all because they stop processing at the point where a particular "trigger word" is issued. 


All part and parcel of this information war to which you are subjected but are wholly unaware. We have been forced farther down the road of a generalized ineptitude. More stupid than ever, Americans are incapable of even discussing certain subjects because those subjects are deemed "off limits" and people are generally inept emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically. We are becoming lower and lower I.Q. Particular subjects are off limits altogether. If you are not careful, you will be attacked at the mention of a "trigger word". Americans, and frankly most if not all of Western Civilization, have been reduced to Pavlovian test subjects in that they have these "trigger words" that set them off.  The particular number of responses to any given subject are limited and most people are limited to even fewer acceptable responses. Most people are incapable of thinking in multiple terms at the same time. I do not think that human conscious intelligence works this way as many things may be so concomitantly.
























They that mastermind the control construct are masters of psychology and the human condition in all of its frailties. They utilize word magic. They understand how the human mind takes up information, absorbs, and stores it as well as recall. They utilize basic Theory of Mind against us. They have studied us in every aspect. The public cannot make leaps regarding information but only relate it to things that they already know. This is Theory of Mind. People can only learn a new thing based on reference to that which they already know. It is simple. 

It's Real.jpg

“Trans women should be legally treated as women, tell me why you strongly disagree.” “Because I’m a molecular geneticist.”

Looks Like Arnold "the Talmudinator" Schwartzenegger Made A Few Trips to Epstein Island ( Podcast


After the 1848 Revolution that swept Europe, most of the traditional restrictions placed on Jews were lifted.

Germany was particularly generous to the Jews, giving them the same rights as all other citizens.

With all restrictions lifted, Jews began to prosper in Germany at a rapid rate.

In the rising prosperity that followed Germany’s consolidation into a single state in 1871, Jews prospered to a far higher degree than other Germans.

Their remarkable ability to work together for the achievement of all Jews at the expense of the Gentile host population, gave them a strong competitive edge.

Kaiser Wilhelm kept them out of government for the most part, so they did not acquire significant political power under the Kaiser.

That was to change with the advent of the Weimar Republic which followed World War One and the Kaiser’s abdication, when restrictions barring Jews from civil service jobs were removed.

East European Jews also began to flood into Germany at this time as the result of the turmoil in that region caused by the war, the Russian Revolution that followed, and the Russian Civil War following that.

Large numbers of people wanted to move out of those dangerous areas and cross over into Germany through East Prussia which bordered Russia.

The head of German immigration and naturalization in the early period of the Weimar Republic happened to be Jewish (Herr Badt), who gave preference to Jews wanting to immigrate into Germany.

At that same time, other European countries were still maintaining strict limits on Jewish immigration.

These newcomers pouring over the East Prussian border spread out and joined other Jewish communities which tended to locate in Germany’s larger cities.

With the Kaiser now gone, and all bars against them lifted, Jews flooded into all government offices of the Weimar Republic.

They also systematically invaded the professions and German institutions.

Jews stick together as a race and always pull and shove each other up the

ranks of institutions and organizations, and pull strings to ensure that members of their race are given first priority at student openings in major universities, and so forth.

While Western Christians generally apply the test of “ability” in hiring and promotions, with considerations for ethnicity or religion being secondary, or of no consideration whatever, Jews choose their associates and subordinates primarily based on their being “Jewish,” and if they happen to have “ability” at the same time, well, that’s OK too.

In Jewish controlled organizations in the Weimar Republic, the Gentile did not have a chance in competition for jobs or promotions.

Jews always chose other Jews.


This intense in-group cooperation and mutual assistance among Jews facilitated their rapid infiltration of every

institution in Germany.


The pattern has always been the same; once a Jew obtains a position, he brings other Jews in, and in the process, gradually pushes the non-Jews out.


It was not long until Jews dominated Weimar Germany. (That same process is occurring in the United States today.)

Sir Arthur Bryant, a respected British historian, explained in his book, Unfinished Victory,1940, that although Jews comprised less than 1% of the German population, they controlled 57% of the metal trade, 22% of grain, and 39% of the textile trade.

More than 50% of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce was Jewish, as were an amazing 1,200 of the 1,474 members of the German Stock Exchange.

German banking and finance was under the total control of Jews.

It was estimated that during the Weimar Republic, the average income of Jews was three times that of non-Jews.

In 1928, it was revealed that just fifteen Jews had occupied 718 board positions between them.

Of leading positions in industry there were 2 Jews for every non-Jew.

Below is a comparison of the percentage of top positions in Commerce held by Jews in various German cities during the Weimar period with the low percentage of Jews in “blue collar” jobs:

Percentage of Jews in Top Positions in Percentage of Jews in Commerce Blue Collar Jobs

Berlin 49.4% 2.4%

Frankfurt 48.9% 1.9%

Cologne 49.6% 2.9%

Breslau 57.1% 1.8%

The political influence of the Jews in the Weimar Republic was enormously out of proportion to their numbers in the population.

Of the Social Democratic Party’s 39 Representatives, 38 were Jews.

The membership of The Workers Educational Institutes were 81% Jewish.

Of the 29 legitimate theaters in Berlin, 23 had Jewish directors.

In 1931, of 144 film scripts made into movies, 119 were written by Jews, and 77 were produced by Jews.

Not less than 75% of all plays were written by Jews.

Joseph Eberle wrote in the journal “Schonere Zukunft,” on February 3, 1929,“The share of Jews in the film industry is so decisive that a very slight percentage is left available for non-Jewish undertakings.”

It gets worse! Of university teachers: in Berlin, in the field of medicine, 45% were Jewish; in Gottingen, 34% of mathematics professors were Jewish, 34% of medical professors were Jewish, 40% in the arts were Jewish, and 47% in law were Jews; in Breslau, in medicine, 45% Jewish; in law, 48% Jewish; in arts, 25% Jewish; In Konigsberg, in arts, 7% Jewish; in law 14% Jewish; in medicine, 25% Jewish.

In 1928, the percentages of lawyers who were Jewish:

in Dortmouth 29%, Hamburg 26%,

Stuttgart 26%, Dusseldorf 33%, Karlsruhe 36%, Beuthen 60%, Frankfurt 64%, Stettin 36%, Berlin


Percentage of doctors in private practice who were Jewish (1928): Wiesbaden 20%, Karlsruhe 26%, Cologne 27%, Mainz 30%, Gotha 31%, Beuthen 36%, Berlin 52%.

Percentage of doctors in Berlin hospitals who were Jewish: Moabit Hospital 56%, Friedrichshain Hospital 63%, and Neukolln Hospital 52%.

In his book “Mein Leben als deutscher Jude” (My Life as a German Jew), 1980, Dr. Nahum Goldmann describes the “phenomenal rise of German Jewry” as follows:

“German Jewry, which found its temporary end during the Nazi period, was one of the most interesting and for modern Jewish history most influential centers of European Jewry.

During the era of emancipation, i.e. in the second half of the nineteenth and in the early twentieth century, it had experienced a meteoric rise….

It had fully participated in the rapid industrial rise of Imperial Germany, made a substantial contribution to it and acquired a renowned position in German economic life.

Seen from the economic point of view, no Jewish minority in any other country, not even that in America could possibly compete with the German Jews.

They were involved in large scale banking, a situation unparalleled elsewhere, and, by way of high finance, they had also penetrated German industry.

A considerable portion of the wholesale trade was Jewish.

They controlled even such branches of industry which are in general not in Jewish hands.

Examples are shipping or the electrical industry, and names such as Ballin and Rathenau do confirm this statement.

I hardly know of any other branch of emancipated Jewry in Europe or the American continent that was as deeply rooted in the general economy as was German Jewry.

American Jews of today are absolutely as well as relatively richer than the German Jews were at the time, it is true, but even in America with its unlimited possibilities the Jews have not succeeded in penetrating into the central spheres of industry (steel, iron, heavy industry, high finance, shipping), as was the case in Germany.

Their position in the intellectual life of the country was equally unique.

In literature, they were represented by illustrious names.

The theatre was largely in their hands. The daily press, above all its internationally influential sector, was essentially owned by Jews or controlled by them.

As paradoxical as this may sound today, after the Hitler era, I have no hesitation to say that hardly any section of the Jewish people has made such extensive use of the emancipation offered to them in the nineteenth century as the German Jews! In short, the history of the Jews in Germany

from 1870 to 1933 is probably the most glorious rise that has ever been achieved by any branch of

the Jewish people”.

Dr. Nahum Goldmann

Further, according to Goldmann, “The majority of the German Jews were never fully assimilated and were much more Jewish than the Jews in other West European countries”.

What Goldmann revealed, perhaps inadvertently, was that, precisely as the Nazis were saying, the Jews had taken control of most of Germany’s institutions.

Yet, they numbered less than 1% of the German population, and as Goldmann also points out, they were never fully assimilated.

This tiny elite were seen by the German people as aliens and not even German, yet, they literally ran the country.

From this perspective, the rise of Hitler and the Nazi movement and its strong anti-Jewish sentiments become much easier to understand.

Jewish propagandists today deny that the Jews were so powerful in Germany at that time.

Dr. Nahum Goldmann was an ardent Zionist who was denounced by the Nazis as a secret Communist agent shortly after the Beer Hall Putsch.

He was stripped of his German citizenship in 1935 and later emigrated to the United States.

He helped Rabbi Stephen Wise establish the World Jewish Congress and became one of the more active purveyors of sensational, but false, tales of Nazi atrocities against the Jews.

Jews Undermine German Culture The Jews in Weimar Germany used their dominance in theater, film and newspapers to ridicule traditional German culture and German ideals.

Christianity was also targeted for ridicule. (That process is now occurring in the United States.)

This was a period when Berlin gained an international reputation for decadence, debauchery and pornography, as depicted in the Broadway musical and later movie, Cabaret, for example.

The movie Cabaret typified the decadent life of Weimar Berlin unparalleled period of social and cultural upheaval, to a great extent, a result of the disillusionment over losing the war and the unjust peace treaty which followed.

Germans began to question the meaning of life.

In Weimar’s early years, Germany was a society which had been cut loose from its traditional cultural moorings and set adrift.

The old norms and the old rules of social behavior didn’t seem to apply anymore.

The war also produced a similar result in England and America, though to a much lesser extent, causing a sort of social malaise, as manifested in the so-called “lost generation.”

The Jews used this climate of cultural uncertainty and loss of confidence among the German people to undermine and destroy what remained of the traditional German culture.

Homosexuality and lesbianism were openly flaunted during the Weimar years.

Debauchery in Weimar Germany!

To make matters worse, Germany experienced a “runaway” inflation in 1923 which nearly destroyed the German economy.

During the inflation, a loaf of bread cost four billion Marks.

The middle class was wiped out, their life savings gone.

People starved.

Murder and violence were rampant, including sexual murder, or lustmord, which became a sensation in Weimar’s tabloids.

Women from once respectable families could be seen prostituting themselves, their daughters, and even their sons on the streets of Berlin in order to survive.

In the eyes of the world, Weimar Berlin became the epitome of decadence.

Women dressed like men and flaunted their lesbian lovers.

Nudity was everywhere.

The very word “Weimar” conjured up images of cabarets, cross-dressers, open homosexuality and prostitution.

Berlin, with other German cities not far behind, became a Mecca of scandal, moral degradation and nudity.

Jewish control of the news, information, and entertainment industries was the perceived cause of this breakdown in public morals.

It was well established that Jews controlled prostitution and pornography, as well as the white slave trade, during the Weimar years.

To use the language of today, the Nazis were “socially conservative,” even puritanical in outlook, and saw themselves as the defenders of traditional, conservative, Christian, volkish German values.

They denounced the licentiousness which had taken root in the country, and attributed it to Jewish influences.

Weimar debauchery was the principle cause of the Nazi crackdown that followed.

Adolf Hitler wrote about it in “Mein Kampf:” “One needed only to look at the posters announcing the hideous productions of the cinema and theatre, and study the names of the authors who were highly lauded there in order to become permanently adamant on Jewish questions. Here was a pestilence, a moral pestilence from which the public was being infected.

It was worse than the Black Plague of long ago.

And in what mighty doses this poison was manufactured and distributed.

Naturally, the lower the moral and intellectual level of such an author of artistic products the more inexhaustible his fecundity.

Sometimes it went so far that one of these fellows, acting like a sewage pump, would shoot his filth directly in the face of other members of the human race….

It was a terrible thought, and yet it could not be avoided, that the greater number of Jews seemed specially designed by Nature to play this shameful part.

The fact that nine tenths of

all the smutty literature, artistic tripe and theatrical banalities, had to be charged to the account

of people who formed scarcely one percent of the nation — that fact could not be gainsaid. It was there.

It had to be admitted.”

The Jewish influence in all of this civil discord in Germany was plain for anyone to see.

A great majority of the Jews were Communists, which posed a mortal threat to the average German.

The German people were fully aware of what had been happening in Russia at the hands of the Bolshevik


Additionally, due to the rampant inflation, for it literally did take a wheel-barrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread, the only people who were able to buy either property or goods were those who could obtain money from outside the country, which, in most cases meant the Jews. In 1914, a German Mark was valued at around twenty-five cents of American money.

In 1923, four million marks equaled twenty-five cents.

During this period many German families were forced to sell everything they had in order to survive.

Upper-class Jews with foreign financial connections were able to buy up much of Germany’s material wealth for incredibly low prices.

So-called Jewish “carpetbaggers” were everywhere, consuming the nation like parasites consume a cadaver.

All classes of Jews in Germany advanced themselves during the Weimar years while the economic condition of ethnic Germans steeply declined.

Germany had narrowly avoided a Bolshevik takeover of the country similar to that which had occurred in Russia; saved from this fate, as it were, by the Freikorps, or private militias comprised of soldiers and officers who had recently returned from the front.

Nevertheless, from the beginning of the Weimar Republic, a tense bifurcation of political power existed between the Communists on the one hand, and right wing political parties on the other, including the National Socialists.

As Germany staggered under the weight of economic chaos, that is, inflation, followed by depression, the Jewish

Communists made a relentless, concerted effort to take political control.


Under the banner of Communism and through control of finance (two heads of the same dragon), the Jews threatened to take complete control of the country.

An editorial in “The Daily Mail of London” of July 10, 1933 stated:

“The German nation… was

rapidly falling under the control of its alien elements. In the days of the pre-Hitler regime there

were twenty times as many Jewish government officials in Germany as had existed before the war

(WWI). Israelites of international attachments were insinuating themselves into key positions in the German administrative machine.”


Adolf Hitler said:

“If the question is still asked why National Socialism combats the Jewish element in Germany so fanatically, the answer can only be, because National Socialism wishes to establish a real community of the people.

Since we are National Socialists, we cannot permit an alien race to impose itself upon our working people as their leaders."

By T. Livingston


How the United States of America was conquered by Marxist Communist Bankers almost from the beginning.

Radical Republicans and "Abolitionists". The only thing abolished was the Constitution.

An hour long listen that covers exactly how the "Yankee government" (think Marxist Communists, Northern Bankers and International Bankers) accomplished the takeover of "America" executing Abraham Lincoln and conspiring to execute many statesmen of the time and enslaving taxpaying citizens to Bankers in perpetuity. The Confederacy fought for freedom from the very onerous Federal governmental structure(s) that are now destroying all of Western Civilization. The Civil War had not one thing to do with "Slavery" as we are misinformed to believe but another form of slavery that we remain subject to, to this day. 

Whistlin Dixie XVIII Lincoln Execution.mp3 (

Discussion on the agreements and disagreements between Adolf Hitler and Hjalmar Schacht. 

Mongls.jpeg Navigating the Culture Wars is branching out to Substack where we will feature exclusive content and a podcast discussion series featuring substantive discourse on the major topics effecting our world that are found on this website. Real talk is not permitted on social media. Real talk is not found on t.v. This is a world of subversion. The truth is difficult to ascertain for people but this is by design. The world works to disorient individuals as to their own identities at the most intimate levels. What is evil? Very simple. Evil is the absolute subversion of free will. You as an individual have the choice to live a moral life or to live a life that feeds the forces of this world. The forces of this world offer solely destructive choices. Societal messaging promotes over-sexualization at all levels of society and stages of human development through all mechanisms of media now targeting children. It promotes the murdering of unborn children (the product(s) of sexual union), abortion, and undermines the family. Human civilization is on a disastrous course at the hands of the Banker Cult. The Globalist network of Satanic, Talmudic, Merchant class psychopaths. What are we going to do about it?

No matter your walk of life this world seeks to rob you of your personhood. We must do all that we can to retain our personhoods meaning that you are a live person. Not a legal "concept". Not a political identity (Black, LGBTQ, Trans, etc.) Before you are anything else, you are a live person. Not Black, not White, not Asian but a person. Not any religious identity. That has to be comprehended first before you can confront this world. We rouse demons here. You must a centered individual with a solid personal constitution and that starts with shedding false identities and personas. When we say that you are a sovereign individual this is what is meant. We will be discussing these very things.

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